Linda Gassenheimer

An easy-to-make taco that’s good for you any time of day

Here’s a vegetarian taco made with earthy-tasting soft whole wheat tortillas that fold easily.


Spice up Memorial Day with these Moroccan-style beef burgers

Serve the burgers with a spoon of yogurt sauce on top and a side of cucumber tomato salad.


Honor Mom on her special day with this colorful Asian bowl

You can substitute whatever vegetables or cooked meat you have on hand, using the proportions in the recipe.


Quick stir-fry features unexpected flavor — from grapefruit

The subtropical citrus, an unusual stir-fry ingredient, adds an intriguing touch to this beef dish.

Chicken Parmesan dish is an easy fix when you need a break

The cheese is cut into thin slices instead of grated and melts on top of the chicken and sauce.

Spice up roasted salmon with a touch of Indian curry flavor

For dinner on the table in short order, pan-roast the fillet and microwave the rice in its packaging.