Mark Carlson

The Buzz: Big Brutha

Privacy rights are for Bud Light drinkers: Alcohol regulators in Alabama want to know the names, addresses, ages and phone numbers of everyone who buys… Continue reading

The Buzz: Fair and balanced

We report, you decide: 21st Century Fox Inc. executives vowed Thursday to keep the “unique and important voice” of No. 1-rated Fox News following the… Continue reading

The Buzz: Red Queen

Red queen Paging Dr. Yen Lo: Donald Trump on Wednesday smashed yet another political taboo, calling on his buddies in Russia to hack into Hillary… Continue reading

The Buzz: Herstory made

He’s with her (and that’s the problem): Hillary Clinton officially became the first female major-party nominee for president Tuesday, after the roll call at the… Continue reading

The Buzz: I, Trump

The Buzz: I, Trump

They’re not booing, they’re saying “Ted, Ted, Ted”: Real estate developer turned reality TV star turned politician Donald Trump “humbly and gratefully” accepted the Republican… Continue reading

The Buzz: I, Trump

The Buzz: Four score and seven years ago

Four score and seven years ago: Donald Trump will accept the Republican Party’s presidential nomination tonight at the convention in Cleveland. Reeling from the Melania… Continue reading

The Buzz: Look who’s talking now

Roger’ed Look who’s talking now: Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Kelly says that network boss Roger Ailes made unwanted sexual advances toward her about 10… Continue reading