Michelle Metzler

Clearing up new recycling challenges for a greener future

Putting your recycling cart at the curb is just the beginning. Here’s why things are changing.


Recycle Corps interns share what they’ve learned this summer

These 13 college students helped communities and businesses reduce waste and “Recycle Right.”


Your recycling skills transfer to back-to-school shopping

Though it’s fun to stock up for the new school year, all that shopping has an environmental impact.


With China’s new rules about recycling, we need to clean it up

Make sure you know how to recycle the right way to ensure materials are turned into new products.

Bottles, cans, paper only: Trash can’t be wished into recycling

Don’t know what’s recyclable? Take the guess work out of recycling with help from the Recycle Corps.

Cleaning up the complex: Multifamily recycling made easier

Waste Management is providing property managers with guidelines for tenants to “recycle right.”

Earth Day flashback: Puget Sound marks 30 years of recycling

This year is the 30th anniversary of Waste Management’s recycle program in our region.

Green up your spring cleaning chores in four easy steps

Follow these tips to take care of a winter’s worth of clutter and the environment at the same time.

Five reasons to love your Waste Management recycling driver

Add him to your “loveable people” list for all he does to keep the community clean, green and safe.

Do it yourself: Reduce waste, give the gift of sustainability

Waste Management experts have some yuletide tips to make this your greenest holiday season yet.

Remember this Nov. 11: Veterans continue to serve us every day

Remember this Nov. 11: Veterans continue to serve us every day

Meet Leo Holte, a Waste Management driver and former Marine serving neighborhoods in Mill Creek, Everett and Mukilteo.

Remember this Nov. 11: Veterans continue to serve us every day

If it’s not recyclable, do yourself a favor and throw it away

“Wishful recycling” creates extra work for Waste Management staff and adds to local recycling costs.

Diving into life-cycle thinking — one cup of coffee at a time

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