Paul Schoenfeld

These tips can help you nurture a positive outlook on life

No one likes to be negative. Yet some adults can’t help but see their cup as half full.


Is your partner grumpy? Here are some antidotes to consider

No. 1: Wait until your grump is in a good mood to talk to them about their grumpiness.


May everyone around your table have peace this Thanksgiving

It’s not uncommon for the holiday season to be a complex mixture of sweet and salty flavors. But ultimately, it’s all about love.


Four ways to help you beat the winter blues

Standard time resumes today (Nov. 6). Get ready for night to fall before you leave the office.

Giving up car keys, and other hard decisions for older adults

The struggle to maintain our elders’ dignity, independence and well-being is the goal of positive aging.

Your children need mentors — here’s how to find them

Coaches, ministers, teachers, neighbors or relatives can assume this very important role in a young person’s life.

Helping children cope with the pain of divorce

What splitting couples can do to make the transition more comfortable for their kids.

Team sports help create winners in the game of adult life

Team sports foster the skills children will need as adults: hard work, discipline, team work, ability to take direction, desire to excel, single-minded focus, the ability to let others shine, and grit when the going gets rough.

Effective discipline: Why rewards work better than punishment

Rewarding positive behavior, whenever it appears, can be a very powerful tool for encouraging cooperation.

Mutual respect fosters cooperation and connection

In a world where aggression is on the rise, we need to cultivate peace and harmony — now more than ever.

Tips on surviving the myth of the perfect parent

If your children grow into mature, responsible, independent adults, you’ll know did the “right thing.”

Tips for starting the school year on the right foot

It’s important to nourish a healthy attitude toward learning rather than simply reward performance.

Don’t let go during the turbulent teenage years

Your truculent teen may give you endless grief now. But someday, when they’re adults, they’ll thank you.

“Disrupt Yourself,” by Katie Malachuk.

Author shows us how to open our inner landscapes

“Disrupt Yourself,” by Katie Malachuk, presents ways to notice what’s causing us anxiety instead of reaching for balms like alcohol or our cell phones.

“Disrupt Yourself,” by Katie Malachuk.

For your kids’ sake, stress less about their grades this school year

Don’t make a big deal over grades. Instead, encourage out-of-classroom activities and remember, learning is supposed to be fun.

Integrating our elders into our lives can enrich theirs and ours

Our children closely observe how we respond to our aging parents’ needs. Our choices become their model for how to take care of us when we reach our golden years.

The blended-families challenge requires patience, maturity

Don’t expect miracles — it can be rough going for some time. Get professional help if you need it.

When bad things happen t0 good people

Unfortunately, painful life experiences are inevitable. But they help us develop and mature, and teach us compassion for others.

A personal journal can become your own time machine

Recording your daily thoughts and experiences can help you later see how you’ve developed and changed.

How many choices are too many for children?

Today’s parents have given their kids more power and control than previous generations. But there needs to be firm, consistent limits.