Paul Schoenfeld

The keys to coping with an inevitability of life: worry

Be prepared, have realistic expectations, and be confident in your inner strength and resources.


Our teens are in crisis — what can parents do?

There has been an epidemic of anxiety and depression among teens, especially during the pandemic.


These days, the innocence of childhood is more fleeting than ever

In recent weeks, a man armed with an automatic weapon shot and…


Does love last? Can we keep the home fires burning?

Don’t take your partner for granted, Paul Schoenfeld advises. Strive to connect with — all day, every day.

Some observations gleaned from the journey to old age

Among them: Be a student of your life, accept the inevitable changes of older age and being generous with yourself .

Finding a place for life’s pain to lessen its impact

We can explore the landscape of our life’s events, mine our memory and craft a narrative that makes sense to us.

How do we cope with the horrific war in Ukraine?

It’s distant from our everyday lives, but the war ignites our nervous systems, and our bodies don’t like sustained stress.

Men, it’s never too late to learn to take care of yourselves

The “tough it out” mindset means many wait too long to see a doctor when something’s wrong. Bad idea!

How to help your youngster become a successful adult

It’s more important to nurture and model good character than to stuff them full of facts and figures.

Don’t get trapped in the rabbit hole of roads not taken

Unexpected twists and turns in the road will arise. Those curve balls can help us grow and mature.

What are your plans for reaching retirement?

The goal is to prepare effectively to make a transition into a different lifestyle.

It’s normal for kids to struggle with their homework

It seems to me that kids are getting more homework. It’s not uncommon for first graders to come home with homework. And every subsequent year… Continue reading

Everybody needs to be patient with and sensitive to others

No matter how frustrated you get, you can’t impose your expectations on others.

It’s important to be the person you want your kids to become

Be thoughtful about the seeds you want to nurture in your child’s life. These seeds, when watered and cultivated, will grow into the plants you hope will bloom.

How to cultivate inner peace in the era of COVID, insurrection

Now more than ever, it’s important that we develop and practice relaxation and mindfulness skills that calm our minds and bodies.

How to transform past shame into something positive and healthy

Tips on coping with the shame that we carry around in our hearts and on our sleeves.

A time for reflection and a time to look ahead

As January takes hold, many of us wonder about the year ahead. What will it bring? Will the pandemic finally end, ease or continue to… Continue reading

If we stay strong, we can beat this seemingly endless virus

COVID-19 has created a mental health crisis the likes of which Paul Schoenfeld has never seen. What can we do to take care of ourselves and our families?

Six tips for staying healthy in the New Year

Good health enables you to do the things you want to do and feel good while you’re doing them.

How to celebrate milestone birthdays — with no angst or regrets

To enter a new phase of your life with a positive outlook, put your yardstick away.