Paul Schoenfeld

What to do when a co-worker makes you miserable

It’s counterintuitive, but you need to get to know that person better. You don’t need to be friends — just understand them better.


Is every day Groundhog Day — and the same old bad habits?

How can we embrace change without waking up every morning to the same day?


CDC survey contains alarming news about youth mental health

The assessment finds that more teens, especially girls, are struggling. Here’s what parents can do.


A guide to dating and the single parent

Here are five important points to consider, from clinical psychologist Paul Schoenfeld at the Everett Clinic.

Life lessons teach value of love, learning and giving

It’s those attributes — not wealth, possessions or status — that give us a deep sense of appreciation for being alive.

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Dealing with the challenges of chronic discomfort

It’s important to adopt an attitude of acceptance, and understand that while pain is inevitable, suffering is not.

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Preparing for the natural end of our lives

Most of us don’t want to talk about death. But we need to be prepared for the inevitable.

Fine-tune your coping skills for when life gets difficult

Here are four ways to develop healthy ways to deal with the stress that inevitably comes our way.

How do we teach our children to be mindful consumers?

A few ground rules, on screen time especially, will help adults raise kids with the capacity to amuse themselves.

The pursuit of joy brings meaning to our lives

The pursuit of happiness isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Joy is more enduring than simply getting something we want.

More insights on parenting successfully

Be specific when giving praise, ignore minor bad behavior and more tips from child psychologist Paul Schoenfeld.

New Year’s Day is a time for reflection

Focus on what you want to nurture in yourself in 2023. Pick one or two qualities you would like to grow.

Counting our blessings during the holiday season

As we gather to ring in the new year, take a moment to share your gratitude with loved ones.

Coping with loss over the Christmas holidays

When we acknowledge and accept our sad feelings, we often are more able to experience love and joy.

Healthy strategies for minimizing holiday stress

What’s important to you about the holidays? What do you want to celebrate? Stay focused on the big picture.

These tips can help you nurture a positive outlook on life

No one likes to be negative. Yet some adults can’t help but see their cup as half full.

Is your partner grumpy? Here are some antidotes to consider

No. 1: Wait until your grump is in a good mood to talk to them about their grumpiness.

May everyone around your table have peace this Thanksgiving

It’s not uncommon for the holiday season to be a complex mixture of sweet and salty flavors. But ultimately, it’s all about love.

Four ways to help you beat the winter blues

Standard time resumes today (Nov. 6). Get ready for night to fall before you leave the office.

Giving up car keys, and other hard decisions for older adults

The struggle to maintain our elders’ dignity, independence and well-being is the goal of positive aging.