Paul Schoenfeld

Five steps to teach a ‘spirited child’ to control her behavior

Be patient and persisent. You’ll know it’s working when your kid has fewer tantrums.


Six traits you need to be able to overcome life’s challenges

We can do pretty much anything we set our mind to — within the realm of what is in our control.


Are you wasting your time and energy? Check your fuel tank

If it helps you become more disciplined, think of each hour of the day as a penny you get to spend.


It’s time for spring cleaning, in the home and in our souls

Let springtime be a time to start anew and to become more of the person you hope to be.

Which is more important — playing sports or getting good grades?

Playing a team sport is far more similar to the demands of adult life than performing well on tests.

Advice for becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be

You learn a lot as the director of The Everett Clinic’s Behavioral Health department for 25 years.

Why is that sons are so often disappointed in their fathers?

This is the story — with a lesson to learn — of a son who finds out that his father is dying.

‘Snowplow parents’ remove obstacles from their children’s lives

You know about “tiger moms” and “helicopter parents.” Here’s the latest controversial technique.

A psychologists’ thoughts after watching ‘A Star is Born’

Like in the movie starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, tragedy and triumph often appear together.

Why it’s important to stay flexible and fit as older adults

Our flexibility, balance, endurance and strength declines with age. Do all you can to combat it.

How much help is too much help for your grown children?

It’s not uncommon for parents to struggle over whether to help their adult kids financially.

What to do when you’re bored? Anything but look at your phone

We value entertainment and busyness (in the form of devices) as an antidote to boredom. Not so good.

Coping with death of a loved one by suicide is challenging

We don’t get over the loss of a friend or family member, but we do get used to it. Here’s how to cope.

Are we too connected? Or not connected enough?

Time will tell whether the social media revolution is a good thing or a bad thing.

We like things fast and easy in life, but is it the best way?

The short answer is no. Here are some examples of when less convenient may be more beneficial.

When things are out of your control, it’s best to let it go

As one friend said, “It’s OK to visit Pity City, but don’t rent an apartment there.”

The Big 5: The top marriage conflicts and how to resolve them

What causes the most trouble in committed relationships? Sex, children, money, in-laws and housework.

What to do when your parents and your partner don’t get along

Here are some important points to remember if you or your spouse are having in-law problems.

Study: Children and teens overdiagnosed with ADHD in the US

While 11 percent of kids 4-17 are diagosed, only 5 percent actually have attention problems.

Parenting is stressful; here’s how to be a more relaxed parent

Two full-time working parents have become the norm in America — mostly out of financial necessity.