Paul Schoenfeld

Dr. Paul on pandemic weight gain and Freshman 15 flashbacks

Call it the Quaranine 15. Many of us have been scarfing down comfort food in vain attempts to find comfort.

How to heal fractured relationships with your adult children

Most familial distress arise from misunderstandings, hurt feelings, disappointment or unmet expectations.

Dr. Paul on keeping our seniors healthy this holiday season

Social disconnection can have a serious impact on our more fragile elderly adults. Here’s how you can help.

Tips to foster gratitude and generosity this holiday season

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself during December. If you’re having a hard time, you’re not alone.

Improving communication when you communicate differently

Opposites attract — and then they spend the next 20 years trying to get their partner to be just like them.

When our differing beliefs keep us from listening to each other

Here’s how to open our minds, hear what others have to say and try to understand each other in the election season.

Thanksgiving 2020 is a time for strength and determination

It’s important to acknowledge our fears and sadness, but also to celebrate the things that bring us joy.

We must summon our forbearers’ grit to defeat COVID

They survived the Great Depression and World War II, and we will survive this pandemic if we emulate their fortitude.

Eight ways to help you weather winter during the pandemic

As the rain and cold returns, many of us are worried about how we will manage COVID-19 indoors.

Why mentors and role models are so important

We all can be living examples of integrity, compassion, kindness, commitment and perseverance.

Turn the lights on to help with seasonal affective disorder

Are you drowsy and depressed? Light therapy lamps provide feel-good natural lighting when its dark out.

Dr. Paul on cultivating the seeds of hope during tough times

Take a lesson from the Judean date palm. A doctor dreamed bringing the extinct fruit back to life — and she did.

Dr. Paul on cultivating inner peace during a stressful year

Here’s how to reduce the tension we feel from COVID-19, high unemployment, the presidential election, etc.

We need to make suicide prevention a public health priority

The pandemic has impacted our mental well-being. Be on the lookout for suicidal behavior.

Dr. Paul on dealing with too much togetherness in COVID times

After six months of quarantine, couples need to address the marital challenges they have been putting off.

In love and friendship, it’s all about showing up

Love is not just a feeling — it has to manifest itself in deeds of loving kindness to be experienced as love by someone else.

Dr. Paul shares his recipe for making the most of every day

The ingredinets include adequate rest, healthy foods, exercise, fresh air and time in nature.

Dr. Paul’s 5 antidotes to overthinking your every decision

Does making a decision feel like climbing Mount Everest? Here’s how to stop the overthinker in all of us.

Dr. Paul on digging in for the long haul with COVID-19 life

Be prepared for the pandemic to continue into next year. The Spanish flu of 1918 was around for two.

Practice the art of doing nothing to nurture inner peace

It’s the ability to sit, listen to the sounds of nature, look at nothing in particular, and just be.