Paul Schoenfeld

Dr. Paul on 5 ways to ensure your marriage blooms and grows

Showing up for our loved ones in the ways that are important is the secret for a loving union.

Serving others can help you even more than those around you

Our minds must be like a still lake that reflects the landscape around it.

Dr. Paul on what to do about your elder parent’s loneliness

As we live longer, older adults are increasingly at risk for isolation and depression. They need your help.

Dr. Paul on attachment parenting for your child’s well-being

Find a balance between a being a source of security and letting kids cope with failure and disappointment.

Dr. Paul on how to keep your cool when you’ve been triggered

When your body goes into fight-or-flight mode due to stress, follow these steps to calm yourself down.

Dr. Paul on the key to taking ownership of your words and actions

Exercise integrity: Don’t offer excuses if you make an error. Apologize if you’ve made a misstep.

Dr. Paul on starting the new year with a family meeting

Monthly meetings can help you make incremental changes over the school year and summer break.

Dr. Paul on focusing on your well-being this holiday season

Between parties, entertaining, buying gifts and preparing for the holiday, life can be hectic.

Dr. Paul on how to overcome the challenges of blended families

Here are some tips to help navigate stepparenthood when you’re not exactly “one big happy family.”

Don’t give up: You can overcome frustration with patience

Here are five ways to approach challenges so that they don’t turn into a recipe for frustration and failure.

Here are 10 ways to improve your connections with others

You won’t get along with everybody, but you can increase your odds of having positive relationships.

Sharing negative feelings is healthy, if done with kindness

How often do you share your real feelings? More frequently, we vent to a third party about our true emotions.

Addiction blindfolds not only addicts, but their families

We don’t understand what causes addiction, but 12-step programs can help us find our way.

Bright ideas for dealing with seasonal affective disorder

Waking up to dawn simulators and spending time in front of light boxes can really help.

A housekeeper taught him wealth is about more than money

True wealth can be found in the gratitude, loving kindness and generosity of spirit you feel.

Three ways to help our youth live happier and healthier lives

Those born in the 1980s and ’90s are more likely to have depression, feel distress and be suicidal.

Healing from a broken relationship takes time, introspection

The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, exhibits artifacts of lost love, pain and hurt.

How to fit quality time with your kids into a crazy schedule

In the middle of our fast-paced lives, today’s parents still want to get to know their children.

Dating’s complicated when you have children — but don’t give up

If you approach it the right way, you’ll find a more fulfilling relationship the second time around.

As time seems to accelerate, try to make the most of it

As we age, our experience of time radically changes. The solution? Live life to the fullest.