Paul Schoenfeld

Dr. Paul on battling adversity when it feels like a ‘dark night’

The Dalai Lama says: There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done — yesterday and tomorrow.

One year later, pandemic health concerns remain pressing

Surveys show many of us aren’t sleeping well, and eating and drinking too much. What can we do to mitigate these impacts?

The six stages of change to help you establish heathier habits

Psychologists identify each stage to change for the better in “The Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change.”

It’s time to double down on helping each other through COVID-19

We all have pandemic fatigue. Which is why we need to lend a helping hand in whatever way we can.

Dr. Paul on how to know when you’re doing the best you can

The problem: It’s hard to figure out how much time and effort will result in a good, better or best outcome.

Dr. Paul on finding resilience during hard times like these

No matter how strong we are, anyone can be knocked down. Here’s how to cope so you can get back up.

Dr. Paul on struggles with parenthood during the pandemic

It’s especially challenging if you have kids with special needs, you’re single or are out of work.

Your teenage girl and the negative messages she gives herself

She might benefit from reading “Be True to Yourself: Daily Affirmations and Awesome Advice for Teen Girls.”

Five ways to help you mend broken sibling relationships

Cutting a family member off is like amputating your arm because it hurts. Here’s how to ease the pain.

How to explore personal transformation and growth every day

So much of adult life centers around our “to-do” list. But do we consider our “to-be” list?

In an epidemic of closed minds, here are 7 ways to open yours

It’s become a challenge for all of us to consider new ideas, research and beliefs that differ from our own.

Hope for a brighter future starts with the COVID-19 vaccine

The end of the pandemic is in sight. But this is the time to double-down on protecting ourselves and others.

Dr. Paul on how to cope with disappointment and frustration

It’s important to greet these negative emotions by name and acknowledge that’s what you’re feeling.

Dr. Paul on making a habit of expressing your appreciation

It can be as easy as putting a sticky note out to remind yourself be on the lookout for a job well done.

Dr. Paul on how to cope with the winter of our discontent

With the cold setting in and infection rates surging, many of us are experiencing more anxiety and discomfort.

As we look forward to the new year, it’s time for reflection

Before considering your hopes for 2021, it’s important to ask yourself, “What have I learned this year?”

Dr. Paul on pandemic weight gain and Freshman 15 flashbacks

Call it the Quaranine 15. Many of us have been scarfing down comfort food in vain attempts to find comfort.

How to heal fractured relationships with your adult children

Most familial distress arise from misunderstandings, hurt feelings, disappointment or unmet expectations.

Dr. Paul on keeping our seniors healthy this holiday season

Social disconnection can have a serious impact on our more fragile elderly adults. Here’s how you can help.

Tips to foster gratitude and generosity this holiday season

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself during December. If you’re having a hard time, you’re not alone.