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Ask Dr. Paul: How to conquer the COVID-19 doldrums

It’s natural to feel blue from time to time — especially with the pandemic. Here’s what to do when you’re down.

Ask Dr. Paul: How to address anxiety as restrictions ease

With Snohomish County in Phase 2, many of us find ourselves experiencing greater unease. Here’s why.

Ask Dr. Paul: Adjusting to the new normal with COVID-19

Here are some tips to help you embrace and cope with our new way of living in a pandemic world.

Ask Dr. Paul: Fight pandemic blues with grace, gratitude and grit

Here’s how to build an attitudinal toolkit that will help you find your way through trying times.

Ask Dr. Paul: Outbreak is a reminder to focus on self-care

Take care of yourself by exercising, reading, listening to music or podcasts, and going out in nature.

Ask Dr. Paul: It’s time to prioritize your health-care needs

Don’t delay that much-needed check-up. Doctor’s clinics have put COVID-19 safety precautions in place.

Ask Dr. Paul: How to stay connected during the pandemic

Although COVID-19 has changed the way we interact with others, there are ways to keep from feeling isolated.

Ask Dr. Paul: Managing sustained stress during the pandemic

Here’s how to recognize and address long-term stressors to prevent it from consuming our daily lives.

Ask Dr. Paul: Maintain healthy relationships in trying time

We all want our loved ones to remember how patient, kind and loving we were during the pandemic.

Ask Dr. Paul: Tips for adapting to living entirely at home

The good news is we can take simple, daily steps to help reduce the worry caused by this pandemic.

Ask Dr. Paul: Ways to help your family cope with the pandemic

It’s important to address stress, anxiety and any other issues caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

Ask Dr. Paul: Healthy ways to deal with fears over COVID-19

Do you have a behavioral-health question related to the coronavirus? Email

Answers to common questions about coping with COVID-19 crisis

How to calm a young child’s fears, help older kids with disappointment, and dealing with marital strife.

Dr. Paul on coping with the stress of the COVID-19 outbreak

It’s important to get the facts, limit exposure to TV news media and take care of yourself.

Dr. Paul on the art of not asking toddlers open-ended questions

Many parents offer their youngsters too many choices — too many possibilities for their little minds to absorb.

Dr. Paul on maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner

What does it mean to be the man or woman of your partner’s dreams? It’s a tall order.

Dr. Paul on 5 ways to ensure your marriage blooms and grows

Showing up for our loved ones in the ways that are important is the secret for a loving union.

Serving others can help you even more than those around you

Our minds must be like a still lake that reflects the landscape around it.

Dr. Paul on what to do about your elder parent’s loneliness

As we live longer, older adults are increasingly at risk for isolation and depression. They need your help.

Dr. Paul on attachment parenting for your child’s well-being

Find a balance between a being a source of security and letting kids cope with failure and disappointment.