Richie Steffen

Great Plant Pick: Miscanthus sinensis ‘Yaku Jima,’ dwarf maiden grass

This clumping grass can be planted with annuals to provide stature and variety of texture.

Great Plant Pick: Sequoia sempervirens, coast redwood

This tree is a specimen valued for its size — it grows nearly 3 feet or more in height every year.

Great Plant Pick: Chilean potato vine

What: Solanum crispum “Glasnevin,” or Chilean potato vine, is hardy and blooms abundantly. The plethora of small star-shaped flowers, which are an intense lilac color… Continue reading

Great Plant Pick: Persicaria amplexicaulis “Taurus,” mountain fleece

“Taurus” mountain fleece has bold foliage and flowers that look great from summer through mid-fall.

Great Plant Pick: Eupatorium maculatum “Gateway”

What: Eupatorium maculatum “Gateway,” commonly called Joe Pye weed, is a tall, bold perennial that’s native to the East Coast. The strong upright stems are… Continue reading

Great Plant Pick: Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Glowing Embers’

The flowers of this hydrangea are a deep rose-red to a rich purple-blue depending on soil acidity.

Great Plant Pick: Campanula lactiflora, milky bellflower

This tall bell flower produces clusters of star-shaped blooms that vary from white to deep sky blue.

Great Plant Pick: Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Nana Lutea’

Golden dwarf Hinoki cypress is a perfect small specimen for the garden or as a container plant.

Great Plant Pick: Rosa ‘Hansa,’ double pink old-fashioned rose

This shrub rose will shine in a garden bed also planted with pink, blue or orange perennials.

Great Plant Pick: Lonicera crassifolia, creeping honeysuckle

The shrub’s tiny flowers open from rosy-red buds tipped in chartreuse and turn orange as they mature.

Great Plant Pick: Malus toringo ssp. sargentii ‘Tina’

Plant dwarf Sargent’s crabapple in small gardens and in landscapes with mixed-flower schemes.

Great Plant Pick: Polystichum makinoi, Makinoi’s holly fern

This holly fern, with its olive-green fronds, gives the garden a more refined, sophisticated look.

Great Plant Pick: Clematis chiisanensis ‘Lemon Bells’

This vine features bright lemon-yellow nodding blooms that hang from dark purple stems.

Great Plant Pick: Primula veris aka cowslip

Cowslip is an European primrose with clusters of drooping fragrant yellow flowers.

Great Plant Pick: Spiraea japonica ‘Walbuma’ Magic Carpet

This Japanese spirea bursts out in color in spring, revealing brilliant orange-yellow new growth.

Great Plant Pick: Osmanthus x burkwoodii, Burkwood’s sweet olive

This hybrid Asian shrub is tougher and more beautiful than its parents.

Great Plant Pick: Epimedium grandiflorum ‘Queen Esta,’ fairy wings

This epimedium gets its common names fairy wings and bishop’s hat for its dainty spring flowers.

Great Plant Pick: Smilacina racemosa, false Solomon’s seal

A native of the Pacific Northwest, this clump-forming perennial looks great in the garden.

Great Plant Pick: Erythronium revolutum, coast fawn lily

This lily-like pink flower, with mottling reminiscent of a fawn’s coloring, is a native plant.

Great Plant Pick: Abies balsamea ‘Nana,’ dwarf balsam fir

The needles of this dwarf conifer emerge bright green in spring and turn dark green over the summer.