Robert Horton

‘Goldfinch’: Adaptation of Pulitzer winner doesn’t earn its wings

The film loses itself in the second half, as the plot takes a series of increasingly far-fetched turns.


‘Official Secrets’: Knightley blows the whistle on the Iraq War

It’s not “All the President’s Men,” but the compelling film tells how “we were lied into an illegal war.”


Robert Horton’s fall movie preview: ‘Rambo’ vs. ‘Downton Abbey’

This is the time of year when the studios shelve the superheroes and roll out their Oscar-worthy films.


‘IT Chapter Two’ substitutes noise, bombast for emotional heft

This sequel covers the second half of Stephen King’s novel. But it jettisons the complexity of King’s ideas.

Documentary traces the life of one of rock’s great survivors

“David Crosby: Remember My Name” doesn’t flinch from the subject’s bad behavior and prodigious drug use.

‘Brittany’ deftly blends hipster attitude, feel-good comedy

Jillian Bell leads a bright cast as a boozy, chubby New Yorker who decides marathon-running is the best way to get in shape.

‘Don’t Let Go’ is an OK chiller — if you don’t think too hard

The film’s premise — a cop gets calls from his murdered niece two weeks after her death — barely sustains itself.

‘The Nightingale’: Sickening violence, with a core of humanity

This harrowing film tells the story of a woman who seeks vengeance in 1825 Tasmania.

‘Ready or Not’ plays an entertainingly snarky game of death

A bride discovers her rich in-laws have murder in mind, but the class-warfare angle is just window dressing.

Gerard Butler’s a bit off his mayhem game in latest ‘Fallen’

In his third go-round as Secret Service agent Mike Bannon, Gerard Butler looks like he’s having a case of the nerves.

‘Blinded by the Light’: It’s corny, cheesy and hard to resist

This exuberant true tale follows a British lad who discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen, circa 1987.

The ‘Bernadette’ shocker: Blanchett gives a subpar performance

The great actress seems ill at ease as a dissatisfied Seattle architect in this flat adaptation of a cartoonish novel.

University of Washington graduate Lathrop Walker plays an assassin who can’t quite break free of the killing business in “ECCO.” (Citadel Film Group)

UW grads’ ‘ECCO’ gets an ‘A’ for visuals, ‘C-’ for storytelling

This stylish, locally made existential action movie was directed by a Coupeville native.

University of Washington graduate Lathrop Walker plays an assassin who can’t quite break free of the killing business in “ECCO.” (Citadel Film Group)

If you can’t stand confused movies, stay out of ‘The Kitchen’

This yarn about three mob wives circa 1978 can’t find a balance between ‘women’s lib’ and violence.

This talking-dog picture shamelessly tugs at your heartstrings

Kevin Costner used to be a huge star. These days, he voices a golden retriever in “The Art of Racing in the Rain.”

‘Hobbs & Shaw’ is silly, illogical nonsense. It’s also tons of fun

Only tangentially related to the “Fast & Furious” franchise, this one ticks every action-movie box.

Arty Germanic horror outing ‘Luz’ is about 75% of a movie

It’s got an eerie, trance-inducing style. But at 70 minutes, it ends just as it’s getting going.

‘Marianne & Leonard’ sketches portrait of the artist and his muse

It’s about Leonard Cohen and his long relationship with the Norwegian woman who inspired some of his songs.

‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ is wall-to-wall Tarantino

All of the filmmaker’s trademarks are on display in this riotous, curiously moving ode to the movie capital.

Laid-back ‘Sword of Trust’ could have been a sharper satire

Seattle’s Lynn Shelton goes South for a funny but too-low-key comedy about Confederate dunderheads.