Robert Horton

‘Honey Boy’: Shia LaBeouf confronts his child-stardom demons

The actor of “Transformers” fame wrote the autobiographical film and plays the overbearing father of a child star.


‘Frozen II’: Still fun, but it races off in too many directions

The follow-up to the 2013 Disney smash looks spectacular, but it’s also more redundant than most sequels.


Mr. Rogers biopic is as calm and reassuring as the man himself

Tom Hanks plays the beloved children’s TV host, who befriends a troubled, cynical journalist.


‘The Report’ dives into Bush-era torture, with mixed results

The subject is compelling, and Adam Driver’s performance is committed.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ reboot more interested in comedy than action

Like the tacky 1970s TV series and movie versions that preceded it, this one’s breezy fun — even when likable supporting characters bite the dust.

Awe-inspiring director and cast make ‘The Irishman’ a classic

Netflix gave Martin Scorsese $160 million to make what is perhaps the perfect gangster movie.

‘Last Christmas’ an OK holiday time-killer, nothing more

This rom-com has lots of George Michael songs, including the title tune, so don’t say you weren’t warned.

‘Doctor Sleep’ revisits ‘The Shining,’ with mixed results

Ewan McGregor leads a committed cast as that REDRUM kid all grown up, but the film is overlong and under-scary.

Pedro Almodovar takes stock of himself in ‘Pain and Glory’

In the master filmmaker’s latest, Antonio Banderas stars as an aging movie director suffering from writer’s block.

Bad-taste humor gives way to soft sincerity in ‘JoJo Rabbit’

Believe it or not, the film needs more of its very weird idea: Hitler as an imaginary friend to a 10-year-old boy.

James Cameron’s touches help restore ‘Terminator’ to glory

The producer was more involved in this sequel, and it shows — it’s tight, well-staged and doesn’t wear out its welcome.

Expect the exhilaratingly unexpected in brilliant ‘Parasite’

This Korean film that won top honors at Cannes is another triumph for the director of “Snowpiercer.”

You’ll get a charge out of fun, fast-moving ‘The Current War’

The movie tells the story of Thomas Edison’s 19th century fight with George Westinghouse over the power grid.

‘Black and Blue’ is better at cop stuff than Important Messages

The film, about a rookie police officer on the run from rogue cops, tries too hard to make big statements about race in America.

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’: Mix of snark and gore feels dated

Sure, there are some laughs, but the sequel’s mean-spiritedness eventually grows tiresome.

‘Dolemite’ is a dynamite comeback for the still-sharp Eddie Murphy

The star has his best role in many years as the Ed Wood of 1970s blaxploitation pictures.

Ham-handed approach keeps ‘Lucy in the Sky’ from soaring

Natalie Portman is superb as an astronaut who makes bad choices. Too bad the director does, too.

‘Where’s My Roy Cohn?’ covers the life of Trump’s odious mentor

Cohn’s long gone, but this documentary confirms that his rancid influence is still being felt today.

It’s Will Smith vs. his youthful clone in tech-obsessed ‘Gemini Man’

The action scenes are solid, but director Ang Lee is mostly interested in playing with digital toys.

Phoenix is brilliant, but ‘Joker’ is a sour, incoherent mess

It strives to be a serious statement about modern times, but director Todd Phillips isn’t up to that job.