Robert Horton

‘Mortal Engines’ a special-effects sci-fi outing of the YA kind

This adaptation of a post-apocalyptic novel is set in a landscape where giant cities move around.


New ‘Spider-Man’ an oh-so-postmodern take on Marvel franchise

“Into the Spider-Verse” has good jokes, but its frantic action and poky dialogue scenes take a toll.


Saoirse Ronan on fire as smart but rash Mary in ‘Queen of Scots’

The film makes parallels with current events, but its biggest draw is Ronan’s blazing performance.


Cuaron’s ‘Roma’ is an intimate, yet epic, masterpiece

The Oscar-winning director’s film, about a housemaid in 1970s Mexico City, packs emotional power.

Wickedly funny ‘The Favourite’ showcases 3 top actors

Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone have a field day in this 18th century period piece.

Sterling performance overcomes cheesy bits in ‘Green Book’

Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen give a master class on acting in this period piece set in 1962.

Dull lead actor, smirky modern references doom ‘Robin Hood’

A stiff Taron Egerton does not rekindle fond memories of Errol Flynn in this hectic action flick.

Have a (Robert) Horton holiday: 10 Christmas films to watch

The Herald’s movie critic recommends movies to watch via streaming this holiday season.

‘Fantastic Beasts’ sequel exploits ‘Harry Potter’ fans’ goodwill

Part Two of J.K. Rowling’s latest franchise is a bewildering bummer.

‘Widows’ would work better as a longform miniseries

The cast, led by the formidable Viola Davis, is excellent, but the film leaves you wanting more.

Coen brothers turn Western conventions upside-down in ‘Scruggs’

The initially funny, eventually bleak movie reminds us that death lurked everywhere in the Old West.

‘Outlaw King’ picks up where Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ left off

Netflix’s “Outlaw King” stars Chris Pine as Scottish hero Robert the Bruce in the 14th century.

Carey Mulligan burns up the screen in ‘Wildlife’

Director Paul Dano, an actor himself, lets Mulligan and costar Jake Gyllenhaal showcase their skill.

Freddie Mercury is oddly muted in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

The biopic was supervised by the surviving members of Queen, which may account for its blandness.

‘Johnny English Strikes Again’ for more family-friendly fun

The third film in the spy spoof series is pretty tame fare, but Rowan Atkinson is funny as always.

Have a (Robert) Horton Halloween: 10 spooky films to watch

The Herald’s movie critic recommends movies to watch via streaming or on demand this holiday.

‘Hunter Killer’ an easy movie to mock — and even easier to enjoy

This military thriller on a sub is crammed with hokum, but the action is nonstop and suspenseful.

In ‘Halloween’ franchise, there’s no time off for the boogeyman

Jamie Lee Curtis — 19 years old in the original — stars in this sequel to the Michael Myers movie.

‘Beautiful Boy’ based on memoirs of family’s battle with addiction

Steve Carell plays a frustrated father and Timothee Chalamet plays his son addicted to drugs.

Set in Washington, ‘Sadie’ not your average coming-of-age film

This drama is played out in a damp town that could be anywhere in Western Washington.