Robert Horton

In ‘Halloween’ franchise, there’s no time off for the boogeyman

Jamie Lee Curtis — 19 years old in the original — stars in this sequel to the Michael Myers movie.


‘Beautiful Boy’ based on memoirs of family’s battle with addiction

Steve Carell plays a frustrated father and Timothee Chalamet plays his son addicted to drugs.


Set in Washington, ‘Sadie’ not your average coming-of-age film

This drama is played out in a damp town that could be anywhere in Western Washington.


Motel-set ‘El Royale’ worth checking into

This Tarantino-esque offers a good cast and some effective surprises, but it’s a tad overlong.

Ryan Gosling plays Neil Armstrong in ‘First Man’ portrait

“La La Land” director Damien Chazelle’s space biopic is about the first human to step on the moon.

‘Venom’ tries to juggle comedy and action, bungles both

This stupefyingly boring Marvel film wastes a talented cast led by Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams.

Lady Gaga’s the only reason to see latest ‘A Star Is Born’

The film sparkles when she’s on screen. But director and co-star Bradley Cooper does it no favors.

Kevin Hart’s signature comic style clicks in ‘Night School’

There’s also a funny supporting cast, but some ill-advised slapstick works against the film.

‘Blaze’ tells the story of an unsung, doomed musical genius

Ethan Hawke co-wrote and directs the film with with heart, soul and sensitivity.

‘Lizzie’ gives the infamous ax murderer a #MeToo makeover

The movie sympathetically treats Lizzie Borden as a victim of an oppressive culture.

Family-friendly haunted-house flick doesn’t quite come together

“The House with a Clock in Its Walls” starring Jack Black fails to deliver the magic it’s after.

You’ll miss Schwarzenegger’s leaden quips in ‘Predator’ remake

It takes place in the same storytelling universe, with jokes that would have sounded moldy back then.

Action-horror film ‘Mandy’ totally uncages Nicolas Cage

The famously eccentric actor taps into his maniacal best in this acid-trip fantasy revenge film.

Horton’s preview of fall movies is full of Oscar bait

Melissa McCarthy is already getting awards buzz for her serious role in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Odd, alien quality hampers ‘The Bookshop’

With Emily Mortimer miscast in the lead role, the movie’s center shifts to the great Bill Nighy.

Internet thriller ‘Searching’ plays out on computer screens

You can admire director Aneesh Chaganty’s ingenuity, but the gimmick wears thin after a while.

Regina Hall (center) leads the Double Whammies crew in “Support the Girls.” (Magnolia Pictures)

Character meets cleavage in ‘Support the Girls’ comedy

Don’t be fooled by the Hooters-esque facade. This Regina Hall-led film is warm, funny and communal.

Regina Hall (center) leads the Double Whammies crew in “Support the Girls.” (Magnolia Pictures)

‘Puzzle’ generates low-key Oscar buzz

Kelly Macdonald is superb as a housewife with a gift for quickly assembling crossword puzzles.

More nonsense would have helped giant-shark tale

“The Meg” boasts a few cool action scenes, but an uncertain tone keeps it from scoring.

Sundance winner ‘Miseducation’ a remarkable and devastating film

“The Miseducation of Cameron Post” is a depiction of a gay conversion therapy center for teenagers.