Robert Horton

Same old stuff happens on latest trip to ‘Jurassic World’

It’s a bit peppier than the turgid 2015 installment, but that’s about it.


‘Izzy Gets the F—- Across Town’ spotlights a rising star

The movie’s pretty much typical indie stuff, but star Mackenzie Davis will be big very soon.


Is ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ too arty for the Kids Today?

Kubrick’s classic blew minds in 1968, but it might be too slow and enigmatic for today’s audiences.


Take on ‘Frankenstein’ author flatlines into dullness

“Mary Shelley” is hamstrung by characters who are types rather than interesting people.

Art heist flick gets darker — and better — as it goes along

The indie film “American Animals” could be a breakout hit, thanks to MoviePass.

Punk rocker-meets-alien comedy should have been fun

“How to Talk to Girls at Parties” is undone by square humor and a poor feel for late-1970s London.

Saoirse Ronan is the best thing about ‘On Chesil Beach’

The Oscar-nominated actress owns this otherwise uneven adaptation of Ian McEwan’s novella.

Origin story ‘Solo’ delivers the ‘Star Wars’ thrills

It’s no classic, and star Alden Ehrenreich can’t match Harrison Ford (who can?), but the movie is fun.

Mesmerizing leads in whodunit ‘Beast’ meant to be future stars

Jessie Buckley and Johnny Flynn give memorable performances as misfits who fall for each other.

Snark is still a superpower of self-referential ‘Deadpool 2’

People who dug the first outing will probably enjoy Ryan Reynolds’ smart-aleck sequel.

McCarthy earns an ‘A’ for slapstick in ‘Life of the Party’

No need to feel sorry or sad about McCarthy’s character, although she does have a lot on her plate.

Movie marathon: The 12 films you need to see at SIFF

The Herald’s movie critic is eager to watch these titles at the Seattle International Film Festival.

‘Tully’ goes beyond one-liners to make emotional connection

Charlize Theron is superb as a weary pregnant mom whose spirits are lifted by a magical nanny.

Spin-offs and follow-ups: Our preview of 29 summer movies

As usual, many of this year’s wannabe blockbusters are built on the films that came before.

With ‘Avengers,’ Marvel-Disney battles audience fatigue

After a witty first hour, the proceedings bog down with the same old same old.

‘Where is Kyra?’: Michelle Pfeiffer returns in strong character role

The icon of 1980s and ’90s films excels as a middle-age woman sinking into poverty.

‘Zama’: Argentine filmmaker conjures a fever dream

Lucrecia Martel’s movie takes an absurdist approach to a thorny subject: colonialism.

Hit-man movie ‘You Were Never Really Here’ hypnotizes

Joaquin Phoenix looks remarkably awful in this new thriller about a hired killer.

Stanley Tucci’s latest film paints incomplete portrait of artist

“Final Portrait” lacks the strength to be the “Big Night” of movies about art.

A cast of old pros brings life to formulaic ‘Finding Your Feet’

It’s the latest British film to admit the existence of older people and still make money.