Robert Horton

‘Tomb Raider’ reboot’s chock-full of crazy cliffhangers

Star Alicia Vikander holds this inane but hugely fun action flick together.


British satire ‘The Death of Stalin’ draws blood

The film is about the lethal power-jockeying that followed the demise of the Soviet Union’s dictator.


Chaotic comedy ‘Gringo’ doesn’t quite come together

There’s plenty of zinger lines for the stellar cast, but the film doesn’t mesh.


Stanley Tucci’s performance makes ‘Submission’ worth watching

The actor does a superb turn as a teacher who allows himself to become infatuated with a student.

‘Red Sparrow’: Spy flick’s torture scenes leave sour aftertaste

This Cold War-style thriller boasts a top-drawer cast, but the grim material wears thin.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri movie (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Oscar prediction: Wild cards mean awards aren’t locked in

Here are The Herald’s movie critic’s picks and predictions for the 2018 Oscars.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri movie (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

Sally Porter’s wicked comedy ‘The Party’ deserves a sequel

This black-and-white film is full of lacerating one-liners delivered by a spot-on cast.

‘Film Stars Don’t Die’ a superficial take on Gloria Grahame

Annette Bening plays the movie star in the film based on Peter Turner’s memoir of their relationship.

‘Black Panther’ builds a proud new superhero world

The movie presents a vision of what central Africa might have looked like without colonialism.

‘Early Man’: Bronze Age animated feature forges some laughs

The movie does fall off in the later going by relying on a cliche climax — a big sporting match.

Eastwood’s odd approach emphasizes regular-guy heroism

“The 15:17 to Paris” is awkward at times, but casting the real-life heroes as themselves has appeal.

‘The Insult’ a blunt look at today’s degrading public discord

The Oscar-nominated movie involves a stupid encounter that escalates into a national argument.

‘Winchester’ should have been cheesy fun, but misfires completely

Thriller set in a real-life tourist trap is more likely to put you to sleep than give you chills.

‘In the Fade’ a familiar but powerful story of grief and fury

Diane Kruger’s performance in this film draw you powerfully into the heroine’s perspective.

Part 3 of ‘Maze Runner’ series surprises with gripping scenes

The suspense sequences are well-handled, and there’s not too much Young Adult nonsense.

‘Dirtbag’ documentary confirms Seattle mountaineer’s legacy

Fred Beckey, who died in October at 94, was a fixture in the Pacific Northwest mountaineering scene.

‘Forever My Girl’ takes a page from the Nicholas Sparks genre

The film based on a novel by Heidi McLaughlin is a well-worn tale of lost love and redemption.

New documentary chronicles Obama’s last year in White House

“The Final Year” doesn’t paint the administration in rosy colors, but it isn’t too critical either.

Daniel Day-Lewis’ brilliance on full display in ‘Phantom Thread’

Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s fascinating film may be the great actor’s swan song.

Top-shelf Brit thesps make ‘Paddington 2’ fun for everyone

The sequel is as likeable as the first movie, thanks in large part to Hugh Grant’s performance.