Scott North

Edmonds man charged with felony DUI after 7th arrest

“The state considers him a substantial risk to public safety,” a deputy prosecutor says of David Gama.

Girl found living in squalor wins $4M settlement from state

She and two young brothers were found abandoned in a filthy home in Lake Stevens in 2015.

Woman charged in alleged sex-for-hire shooting and robbery

The woman said the victim was “performing wrong.” She is charged with assault, robbery and theft.

Former Zumiez employee sentenced to 5 years for thefts

Danielle Koehn of Marysville pleaded to guilty to bail-jumping and identity theft, among other things.

Franklin pulls ahead of Tuohy in tight Everett mayoral race

As mailed-in ballots are counted, other races in Snohomish County are largely unchanged.

Stolen jeep bulldozed through parked cars to flee police

The Snohomish Co. suspect already had 6 felony convictions, 18 misdemeanors and 2 active warrants.

Man charged with first-degree murder in nephew’s death

Andrew Henckel is said to have told detectives he “wasn’t really thinking. I just kinda did it” when he drowned his nephew.

Man arrested after robbery at fast-food restaurant

The suspected gunman told a detective he didn’t remember what happened because he’d been drinking,

Suspect in sexual assault was miles away, so charges dropped

The victim had identified the man from a photo, but his whereabouts and DNA helped ruled him out.

Suspect in fatal crash wept at the news about his passenger

Police say they found drugs on the driver, who they suspect was driving while impaired.

The way he walked led police to Everett murder suspect

Then, witnesses said they had heard the man and an alleged accomplice talking about a robbery.

No third term for Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe

He quietly has been letting staff and leaders know that he plans to retire in December 2018.

Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office in pursuit of safety

A program called Below 100 has drawn national honors and has helped reduce accidents and injuries.

‘Horrific’ child-porn case: Former Arlington man sentenced

Raymond Devore, arrested in 2015, had a cache of disturbing photos and video on his cellphone.

Man accused in Oso neighbors’ deaths to claim self defense

John Blaine Reed had a long-running dispute with Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude.

A young Edmonds student sympathized — so felon carjacked her

Christa Gleason, 26, was sentenced to seven years for the crime at Edmonds Community College.

Superior Court judge admits DUI on freeway

Prosecutors recommend a “standard” penalty for Marybeth Dingledy, who “is terribly sorry.”

Officials: A kick ‘so hard’ to boy’s head likely killed him

A Marysville teen was kicked in the head after he tripped over a log during an Aug. 19 fight, a blow that investigators… Continue reading

Armed robbery yields prison term for Mountlake Terrace man

Frank Djoko got a second chance last year. The Mountlake Terrace man, 21, found himself accused of an armed robbery he insisted he… Continue reading

Man allegedly uses BMX bike as weapon in north Everett fracas

A man is looking at a felony malicious mischief charge after he reportedly found a new role for the black BMX bicycle he… Continue reading