Sharon Wootton

Edmonds Marsh future muddled by buffers, birds and tide gates

One of the few remaining urban saltwater marshes in the state is getting a lot of attention lately.

Stock your winter bookshelf with these animal and nature reads

Four new books cover outdoors topics from butterflies to wolves.

Bird Fest’s keynote speaker has studied woodpeckers for 20 years

Steve Shunk’s involvement with serious birding started simply enough. “One of my colleagues who was a birder handed me a pair of binoculars and said,… Continue reading

Seven mountain peaks you must admire in Washington state

From a distance, the mountains of the Cascade and the Olympic ranges look formidable and inaccessible. The jagged peaks have been compared to bared teeth,… Continue reading

Stay connected with birds through summer with the internet

It’s summer, so most bird activity has slowed down, feeder birds may be opting for protein by insect, territorial ambitions are generally a distant memory,… Continue reading

Nature books inspire young and old to explore the outdoors

Remember the pure childhood joy of a book? The page-turning excitement, the bold splash of colors, finding out that B was for bear and Z… Continue reading

Climb trees with a certified guide at Deception Pass State Park

I spent a serious amount of time as a child in a subjectively old apple tree. The lowest limb was just the right height to… Continue reading

Study: Migratory birds affected by changing onset of spring

We are constantly making choices. Should I check my tires’ air pressure, clean the bird feeder, go to a Mariners game, start a diet, do… Continue reading

Lime Kiln Point makes travel blog’s top 10 state parks list

There’s no need to go out of state to visit a destination on one of Fodor’s Travel’s best-of lists. The travel blog has chosen Lime… Continue reading

Spring migration best time to birdwatch in Snohomish County

It’s hard to compare bird species numbers in one county to another. King County has the largest number of birdwatchers who are reporting their findings,… Continue reading

Those cool Vaux’s swifts are headed our way

Migrating Vaux’s swifts are headed to Snohomish County

Number cruncher to share best places to find county’s birds

The Christmas Bird Count and various research projects have created an almost-unimaginable amount of data on birds, their migrations, locations during various seasons, and trends.… Continue reading

Now is a good time to set out nesting materials for birds

Birds can be very specific about nest materials: the Australian malleefowl creates a nest out of bird compost; the Southeast Asian edible-nest swiftlets use layers… Continue reading

Should the yellow-billed cuckoo be listed as an endangered species?

The parents of a childhood friend had a cuckoo clock. I was at her house for a sleepover and didn’t pay it much attention. But… Continue reading

What do you need to find a hummingbird nest? Lots of patience

A hummingbird’s nest is almost as hard to find as hen’s teeth. Yes, there are rare occurrences of a mutant short-lived chick with teeth. Although… Continue reading

It’s time to talk about grizzly bears in North Cascades

It still seems odd to talk about grizzly bears in Washington state, but if you have an opinion on potentially recovering a viable population in… Continue reading

Birding by the numbers: Who’s up, who’s down

I enjoy numbers that don’t need to be balanced. When my unbalanced checking account is totally out-of-whack, I’m just as likely to close the account… Continue reading

How many known beetle species are there? Test your nature knowledge

The cold winter weather is the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and learn a little bit about the world outside. Test your nature savvy: 1.… Continue reading

Watch elk feed in winter at Oak Creek

By Sharon Wootton Herald Columnist The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s supplemental feeding program at the 49,000-acre Oak Creek Wildlife Area west of… Continue reading

Rally to protect Washington hiking trails

If one of your New Year’s resolution was to “do something” to make the outdoors world a better place, next month offers an opportunity, thanks… Continue reading