Terry and Kim Kovel

Circa 1920 tea set an example of Supremist Art in Russia

The abstract design of the pot and two cups was based on the circle, square and cross shapes.

Decorated ceramic pig bares famous Wemyss Ware trademark

Very early flower-decorated pigs from Wemyss Ware have auctioned for over $30,000.

Whisk brooms popular campaigning symbols on buttons in 1880s

A pair of metal pins that held pictures of the 1888 presidential candidates sold for $209.

Handwritten Valentine notes in America date back to the 1740s

Before boxes of 25 cards for Valentine’s Day were sold in stores, Americans made their own.

Carlton House desk was named for a favored London palace

An early 19th-century reproduction of the table sells today for $6,000 to $10,000.

George Washington bottle made to celebrate his 200th birthday

The glass vessel is shaped like a bust of our first president and has his name around the bottom.

Long rocking bench with strange fence is for protecting baby

The settee is a furniture form that dates to the 1810s. It’s a lengthened Windsor or Hitchcock chair.

Famous Satin Skin Cream sign has been copied many times

The Alfred F. Wood Perfume Manufacturing Co. creams were advertised from 1883 to about 1910.

Napoleonic prisoners made this bone game box with sliding top

During the wars from 1793 to 1815, over 120,000 were captured and held in camps with nothing to do.

Admiral Fitzroy didn’t invent the barometer he’s named for

But historians know about his accomplishments in the Navy, politics and predicting the weather.

Vintage Mickey Mouse plate features original drawing style

The Paragon octagonal dish has a picture of Minnie playing the piano while Mickey dances.

Cold-painted bronze lamp features a cobbler shop scene

Nam Greb was an artist who made detailed metal figures in Austria during the early 19th century.

Stand-up gal from 1920s advertises Edison Mazda light bulbs

A life-size cutout of a woman holding a box labeled “Edison Mazda lamps” recently sold at auction.

Vintage rug with funny picture and saying sells for $1,500

Collectors want early-20th-century hooked rugs made from burlap backings and strips of old clothes.

Bird feathers adorn delicate Chinese jewelry

The pieces are difficult to make and are vulnerable to damage and decay.

This famous chair from the 1950s has a retractable footrest

Vladimir Kagan designed chairs with sloping backs, arms and footrests that were partially hidden.

Patriotic coffee mill from 1990 pictures Teddy Roosevelt

The highly collectable mills were hand-cranked until 1938 when the first electric models were made.

This old stuffed spaniel nods its head when you move its tail

The famous “Yes/No” teddy bears (and dogs) were made by the German Schuco company in the 1930s.

Famous Art Nouveau designer known only for his cameo glass

Renowned French artist Emile Galle (1846-1904) also designed, made and sold pottery and furniture.

The art and science of weathervanes

They told the direction of the wind and aided in forecasting the, well, weather.