Terry and Kim Kovel

Today, ‘penny toy’ of man powering a rickshaw is worth $5,400

A toy with a driver and a lady in a small cart was made by George Fischer of Germany in the early 1900s.

Cut-glass globe for serving caviar at parties sold for over $2K

It’s part of the elaborate way caviar is properly served. Ice is held in the outer bowl, eggs in the inner.

Paul Evans furniture from the 1960s is back in popular demand

His chairs and tables are selling for higher prices each year as collectors understand his importance.

This movie clock publicized 1928 ‘Noah’s Ark’ part-talkie film

The Warner Brothers picture starred Dolores Costello and George O’Brien — long forgotten movie stars.

This round flask with a label under the glass pictures a girl

The robin’s egg blue background and good condition of the 5-inch bottle led to it selling for $468.

Belsnickel is a not-so-nice German companion of Santa Claus

According to Christmas lore, he gives candy to good children and beats bad children with a whip.

Peter Hunt painted the folk art on this dollhouse in 1941

The self-taught artist decorated old boxes, furniture, strollers, toys, buckets, trays, fabrics and more.

Harp held by swans on pedestal base an elaborate watch holder

When the pocket watch is inserted in the hole near the top, it creates a decorative “clock.”

Poster shows an early version of the Cracker Jack sailor boy

A Cracker Jack Collectors Association formed because the toys — especially the baseball cards — are very popular.

Marble busts made by Houdon were exhibited in Paris in 1789

The pair were “lost” for 10 years because an appraiser didn’t realize they were by the famous sculptor.

This 1911 clockwork toy was made after the Mona Lisa was stolen

The 7-inch-tall toy sold for $12,000, no doubt because it told part of the story of the famous theft.

Rubber boots: They’ve been keeping feet dry since 1853

At first, Wellington boots were a fashion statement. Then farmers and soldiers began to wear them.

Furniture buyers are preferring early modern to Victorian

Ornate stuff like this 1870 American Renaissance-era cabinet just looks weird in contemporary homes.

Your Halloween decorations may become valuable someday

A simple cardboard jack-o’-lantern dressed like a maid from the 1930s recently sold for $90.

Anglo-Japanese style table not a favorite among cabinetmakers

It features partial shelves built below the 20-inch square tabletop. It sold for $13,000 at auction.

Little is known about Emile Galle’s seated faience of the 1800s

The Art Nouveau artist must have liked cats. They are almost the only animal figure he made.

When somebody pays big money for something that’s useless

Antiques made of iron, even clown’s heads like this one, have long been coveted by collectors.

Pottery ring was a lifesaver for parched 19th century farmers

The circular tube was a water flask for when streams were far away. An example recently sold for $325.

This ivory pie crimper was made in the 1800s by a sailor

Sailors had time to carve ivory objects, often as gifts, and the ankle and leg were considered erotic.

Unusual ‘Modern gothic’ woven wire daybed auctions for $3,125

The bed still has the original fabric-wrapped metal wire webbing the designer patented in 1879.