Terry and Kim Kovel

Glass prism likely lit up lower decks of vintage sailing ships

Just an ornament today, it has a slightly green tint, is 4½ inches high and very heavy.

Wear and tear of this antique fountain adds to its romance

The Rookwood piece sold at auction a few years ago brought $2,300, even though it was damaged.

Stumpwork was a 3-D artform of the preindustrial age

This difficult type of embroidery was popular in England from about 1650 to 1700.

Antique sofa is completely covered with shells — not fabric

The furniture sold for $4,613, nearly twice its estimated worth, to a buyer who likes the ocean.

Surfer toy has wheels that let it roll on an eccentric path

The girl’s one-piece yellow bathing suit suggests it was made a date in the late 1950s or ’60s.

Vintage globes can be dated by countries’ upheaval and change

The oldest surviving globe showing our planet was made in 1492 by Martin Behaim of Germany.

What’s a phonolamp? Thomas Edison’s lamp with phonograph as base

The combination phonograph-lamp, designed in about 1920, was made to be kept in the living room.

Unusual pair of Moorish chairs make for great accent piece

Made in the unfamiliar style, the seats were carved, ebonized and have mother-of-pearl inlay.

Mermaid iron sprinkler proves to be a pricey collectable

Collectors look for figurals of monkeys, frogs, ducks, alligators and even a cowboy with lasso.

Special flags have honored fallen service members since World War I

Gold- and Blue-Star flags must be displayed according to strict guidelines.

Tiffany’s many creations fetch top dollar on antique market

His lamps and more are highly prized today, but they fell out of favor shortly after his death.

This antique filing cabinet has 48 drawers for lateral files

Instead of stacking mail inside an envelope in a drawer, the Ohmer’s Sons cabinet files papers flat.

This warped-looking bowl keeps whatever is in your pockets

The French storage dish was meant to hold your money and keys on a dresser in about 1900.

1930’s Donald Duck knock-off made in China sells for $4,200

Because he is a Disney character, there are strict laws about copying the duck’s likeness.

Easter bunny arrived in America the 1700s by way of Germany

Eggs, on the other hand, have been a universal symbol of spring since ancient times.

This old Singer sewing machine isn’t real — it’s a wood carving

The copy an example of fool-the-eye (trompe-l’oeil), a popular theme in a new type of art.

Critics say Paddy character is no longer politically correct

Some think the British cartoon is a negative stereotype that insults those of Irish background.

Circa 1920 tea set an example of Supremist Art in Russia

The abstract design of the pot and two cups was based on the circle, square and cross shapes.

Decorated ceramic pig bares famous Wemyss Ware trademark

Very early flower-decorated pigs from Wemyss Ware have auctioned for over $30,000.

Whisk brooms popular campaigning symbols on buttons in 1880s

A pair of metal pins that held pictures of the 1888 presidential candidates sold for $209.