Terry and Kim Kovel

Vintage Mickey Mouse plate features original drawing style

The Paragon octagonal dish has a picture of Minnie playing the piano while Mickey dances.

Cold-painted bronze lamp features a cobbler shop scene

Nam Greb was an artist who made detailed metal figures in Austria during the early 19th century.

Stand-up gal from 1920s advertises Edison Mazda light bulbs

A life-size cutout of a woman holding a box labeled “Edison Mazda lamps” recently sold at auction.

Vintage rug with funny picture and saying sells for $1,500

Collectors want early-20th-century hooked rugs made from burlap backings and strips of old clothes.

Bird feathers adorn delicate Chinese jewelry

The pieces are difficult to make and are vulnerable to damage and decay.

This famous chair from the 1950s has a retractable footrest

Vladimir Kagan designed chairs with sloping backs, arms and footrests that were partially hidden.

Patriotic coffee mill from 1990 pictures Teddy Roosevelt

The highly collectable mills were hand-cranked until 1938 when the first electric models were made.

This old stuffed spaniel nods its head when you move its tail

The famous “Yes/No” teddy bears (and dogs) were made by the German Schuco company in the 1930s.

Famous Art Nouveau designer known only for his cameo glass

Renowned French artist Emile Galle (1846-1904) also designed, made and sold pottery and furniture.

The art and science of weathervanes

They told the direction of the wind and aided in forecasting the, well, weather.

Collectors beware: Not all colored glass is created equal

Cost and quality differs for each method of adding color to a clear piece to make it decorative.

Arguably ugly chair fetched a pretty penny at auction

Folk art values are determined by whatever collectors are willing to pay.

Stylish student lamp made of Burmese glass sells for $3,330

The mid-1800s was the start of color in home decoration. Colored glass and ceramics were popular.

Do you know the joke about a set of special-order dishes?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A black-and-white design for colorful plates was sent to China…

Some makers of Victorian furniture are considered artists

Victorian furniture is generally selling for low prices for many reasons, but there are expections.

Three-panel screen painted by Marie Hull auctions for $28,000

Decorative screens were being used in rooms in China by the seventh century. But they were not used in Europe until the 1500s. It wasn’t… Continue reading

19th-century bell toy featuring an elephant worth up to $1,200

Bell toys, a type of pull toy that had moving parts that rang a bell, were made in America just after the Civil War. The… Continue reading

Dolls made by one of the first American female cartoonists

The googly eyes announce that the designer of the dolls was Grace Drayton (1887-1936), a talented artist. Her maiden name was Grace Gebbie. She married… Continue reading

Smiling leprechaun is one of few St. Patrick’s Day bobble heads

Bobble heads are popular today as sports collectibles. Most baseball teams offer souvenir bobble-head dolls at some of the games during the year, but today’s… Continue reading

Chinese porcelain vase may not be old, but it sure is pretty

Chinese porcelains are among the hardest for an average collector to identify and date. They have been made for centuries and it is considered a… Continue reading