Terry and Kim Kovel

Punch bowl featuring punchy puppet picks up thousands

If you were getting ready for the traditional Christmas party in 1860s England, you might have been searching the storage cupboards for the holiday punch… Continue reading

Kilroy bank worth cold hard cash

Remember hearing “Kilroy was here”? Kilroy is a famous “doodle” seen during World War II. No one is sure exactly where it began, but in… Continue reading

Small creatures inspire expensive jewelry

Colorful butterflies are admired and even the inspiration for expensive, valuable jewelry. But, many people are annoyed or even afraid of “bugs,” and few would… Continue reading

This $2,124 turkey is no toy

This 16-inch-high turkey made in 1907 is not a toy, but a “package” that held game parts. It is made of a composition material and… Continue reading

If only the legs of this chair could talk

Danish modern chairs were offered in stores in the U.S. in the early 1950s. The Scandinavian designs were inspired by earlier furniture, the 18th-century English… Continue reading

Humble iron doorstop from century ago may be valuable

Iron doorstops became a hot collectible with rising prices about 1990. A 1985 book picturing doorstops and several auctions, which included rare doorstops, sent collectors… Continue reading

Halloween collectibles can scare up big bucks

By Terry and Kim Kovel Special to the Herald Halloweeniana is now one of the major holiday collecting categories, second only to Christmas. Jack-o’-lanterns, figural… Continue reading

Kakiemon enameled porcelain plate popular with collectors

An auction catalog offered a “rare Kakiemon enameled porcelain plate” from the 18th century, but there was no further explanation of the age, history or… Continue reading

Commemorative plates flourished long before Princess Diana

In past centuries before the invention of the camera, heroes and celebrities were remembered with figurines, prints and plates, and mugs of glass or ceramics.… Continue reading

Storage cupboards popular with collectors

Most Americans in the 17th and early 18th centuries had very small houses with no clothes closets and little storage space. Storage consisted of built-in… Continue reading

Porcelain containers are prized for their unique look

The “jeweled” Coalport porcelain of the late 19th century attracts buyers with its beauty and unfamiliar beading, but few know the history of the porcelain.… Continue reading

‘Underdog’ memorabilia still have plenty of bite

Many comic book, movie and TV heroes are so popular that they inspire hundreds of different collectibles. Often, interest in the characters dies about 25… Continue reading

Antique decorative candy boxes can fetch sweet prices today

An attractive box can help sell a product, especially if it can be reused in a new way. Since the 19th century, candy containers have… Continue reading

Midcentury modern wall clocks enjoy timeless cool factor

Some of the most popular clocks made after 1944 in the midcentury modern style were designed by an architect and journalist. George Nelson (1908-1986) graduated… Continue reading

When furniture was made of horns and antlers

Animal horns have been used to make furniture for centuries. Chairs, chandeliers and storage racks made in the 15th century exist in some museums. But… Continue reading

Collectors covet works by prewar industrial designers

Many artists don’t create just pictures or sculptures. They make furniture, jewelry, dinnerware or even kitchen tools and toys. In the 1920s and ’30s, there… Continue reading

Spice bins fairly common, but rare ones are coveted

Why not collect food-storage antiques? Food had to be specially prepared to last during the centuries before ice boxes and refrigerators. Long hours were spent… Continue reading

Paul Revere’s silver works bring high prices at auction

Paul Revere’s name is known to every American school child because of his part in the Revolutionary War and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem with the… Continue reading

Keep your reference books updated for accurate values

Be careful when using old reference books. Modern research methods, excavations, and old documents that were unknown for years have led to changed histories. The… Continue reading