Mallory Martindale’s apprenticeship with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee is almost complete. She’s been working in manufacturing since she graduated high school, and the apprenticeship gives her a strong foundation for a long career.

Mallory Martindale’s apprenticeship with the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee is almost complete. She’s been working in manufacturing since she graduated high school, and the apprenticeship gives her a strong foundation for a long career.

Advanced manufacturing apprenticeships launch out-of-this-world opportunities

Help your career take off with paid on-the-job training and college-level instruction!

If Mallory Martindale’s high school had offered manufacturing classes, she would have started sooner.

“Both of my parents had successful careers in manufacturing. They started on the shop floor, and worked their way up to leadership roles. I remember going to Family Day at Boeing as a kid — I was so fascinated walking through the shop floor!”

And it wasn’t just Martindale’s parents who inspired her to become a machinist. Her grandma Marjorie worked her whole life in manufacturing too.

“She was born deaf and had a successful career in a male-dominated industry. She tells me all the time, ‘there’s no reason you can’t do the job you want to do,’” Martindale says. “Of course Rosie the Riveter was an inspiration for me too! She’s an icon for all women.”

The Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee offers aerospace and advanced manufacturing apprenticeships to incumbent workers interested in the booming Washington industry. Get started in manufacturing or enhance your skills to advance your career.

Paid on-the-job training and excellent class instruction

Martindale is now well on her way to her goals, with a great job at AMT Senior Aerospace in Arlington, Washington and a nearly-completed apprenticeship from the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

“The apprenticeship was an incredible opportunity to get both hands-on experience and college-level instruction. I would love to have a management position in manufacturing engineering eventually, and the apprenticeship is a stepping stone to career advancement. You get to rotate around the company, go through all departments to get a well-rounded foundation and find where you excel,” Martindale says. “My company has seen my growth and recognized that the AJAC courses have given me the skills to be a journeyman.”

Washington State leads the world in aerospace manufacturing, and the Aerospace Joint Apprenticeship Committee is a nonprofit intermediary committed to training the next generation of manufacturing professionals. Complete your training with experienced instructors who’ve worked in the trades and get paid to learn on-the-job. Then watch your career take off as you make struts and wings for aircraft or even satellite chassis like Martindale, whose handiwork goes all the way to space.

“It’s a fulfilling career path,” Martindale says. “Because the technology is constantly advancing there’s always something new and I’m never bored!”

Her advice to other women who are interested in joining aerospace and advanced manufacturing production?

“Be bold, be confident, and be curious.”

If you’re ready to get started, visit to learn more.

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