Everett spine surgeon pioneers newest robotic technology

Dr. Ali Anissipour, of Western Washington Medical Group in Everett is the first doctor in Washington State to perform spinal surgeries using the Mazor X.

Dr. Ali Anissipour, of Western Washington Medical Group in Everett is the first doctor in Washington State to perform spinal surgeries using the Mazor X.

Dr. Ali Anissipour, of Western Washington Medical Group in Everett, is the first doctor in Washington State to perform spinal surgeries using the Mazor X, the newest and most revolutionary spinal surgery robot in the market.

On Nov. 27, he performed his first spinal surgery using this state-of-the-art technology, then performed the second on Dec. 11.

“The Mazor X allows me to do, in a minimally invasive way, complex spinal deformity surgeries like scoliosis and reconstructive surgeries, as well as surgeries for more common degenerative conditions of the spine,” Dr. Anissipour explains. “Combined with other techniques that I offer to my patients, it yields tremendous results with faster recovery, reduced blood loss, lower potential for scar tissue and a trend toward less post-operative pain.”

Traditional spinal surgeries require large incisions, and manipulation of muscle tissue very close to the spinal cord and major blood vessels. The robotic arm of the Mazor X lets Dr. Anissipour use much smaller incisions, so that there is less trauma to surrounding tissue, and a much lower risk of complications.

The robot also lowers radiation exposure during surgery. It acts as a kind of high-tech GPS navigation system for Dr. Anissipour, replacing intraoperative x-rays as a tool for determining where to place screws or rods, and for checking their placement. The Mazor X makes precise measurements and can verify with greater than 99 percent accuracy that screws or rods are in fact going into bone, and are not impinging on nerves or other surrounding structures.

Patients spend less time under anesthesia, because Dr. Anissipour is able to pre-plan the procedure step by step. He uses pre-operative CT scans of the patient to decide where hardware needs to go, and programs that information into the robot. During surgery, the Mazor X executes that plan accurately, safely and efficiently under Dr. Anissipour’s direction. “This reduces the need to problem-solve as the procedure itself is taking place,” Dr. Anissipour says.

Dr. Ali Anissipour is a fellowship trained spinal surgeon practicing in Everett, Washington. He’s been gaining national recognition for minimally invasive approaches to the spine. He has taught many national- and regional-level courses, and has trained spinal surgeons around the country in these techniques. Many have traveled to Everett to observe him in the operating room. Most recently, in October, he toured across China, teaching spinal surgical symposiums to that nation’s most respected surgeons.

For more information about robotic spine surgeries with Dr. Ali Anissipour, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the Western Washington Medical Group Orthopedic, Sports, Spine and Hand Center in Everett, at 3726 Broadway, (425) 317-9119.

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