‘Never forgetting’ the Holocaust

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For legal cannabis growers, there’s little room for error

Four violations could shutter The Clone Zone, an Arlington cannabis firm that employs 30.

In Japan, adulthood starts at 20 — and it’s a national holiday

Students celebrated Coming of Age Day in a ceremony at Everett Community College.

Teens shot homeless man with paintballs, Lynnwood police say

The man, in his 50s, was shot in the face and chest early Sunday. Police arrested four boys.

‘They aren’t going to shoot,’ said suspect surrounded by guns

But after he and another man robbed a Marysville store, bystanders did shoot — at their car’s tires.

$3M awarded to children molested by ‘psychopath’ foster child

That’s on top of $4.8 million awarded to the Island County parents of the children, who were 12, 6 and 5.

Where are you supposed to stop at a stop sign?

Cars should be behind a marked line. But overgrown vegetation and worn-out lines muddy the rule.

Edmonds bans single-use plastic containers

The city already prohibited plastic bags. It will target plastic straws and utensils next.

Jayme Biendl, 34, was a correctional officer at the Monroe Correctional Complex in Monroe.
GOP senator wants death penalty revived for prison killings

Wagoner says capital punishment should be on the table for an inmate who kills while behind bars.

Front Porch

HEADS UP Navy base drill An exercise may intermittently disrupt entrance to… Continue reading

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