Abortion decision must be left to each woman

Access to family planning and safe abortion services is a basic human right and should be available to all woman.

Choosing to have an abortion is never an easy decision, but under safe, medical and reasonable government guidelines, it is a personal one that should be between a woman and her doctor.

I was shocked when in my 2os, during a university class discussion about abortion, I would be confronted by anyone who would even think of restricting my personal liberty. The professor divided our room into pro-choice and anti-abortion sides. I was stunned that even my female contemporaries sought to deny my liberty, but also their own.

When I suggested that if abortion were outlawed, and I found myself with an unwanted pregnancy, maybe my choice to end it, short of “the hanger method” would be to starve myself. Shockingly enough, a young woman said that if I were discovered, the government should restrain and force-feed me! That moment forever changed how I vote and how I educated my daughters.

I can thank the Peninsula School District for having offered complete sex-ed classes in the ’80s. I sure hope every school does the same today. They had Planned Parenthood come into our class to talk. I benefited from their information and luckily never needed an abortion. Let’s not forget history everyone. Abortion is not something new. The good news is that now most woman have early, safe access to abortions and so it should always be.

The only argument against abortion is from those who don’t want woman having sex (of their own free will), using birth control and controlling their own bodies, period.

Sonja Bodge


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