At least let people vote on roundabouts

My husband and I moved to Marysville in 1981, purchased our first home together, and have been residents ever since. My husband served in the military, I worked in criminal justice, we paid taxes, worked with organizations helping the less fortunate, and have been good and productive citizens.

Gone is the sleepy little town we moved into, traffic is a definite problem but we are learning to deal with it. Marysville is our home, and we love it.

Now however, there are what I consider dangerous obstacles everywhere; they are called “roundabouts.” Yesterday on Second Street, which is now a total nightmare, we were almost hit, by someone driving with no signals, who was probably utterly confused as to how to navigate these monstrosities! I know people who say they literally drive “miles out of their way” to avoid them, and no one that I know, was ever asked for their opinion, or given the chance to vote on, them being placed here.

As a taxpayer, my money is used to help pay the salaries, of the people who make these decisions, therefore I believe that I should at least be given a vote!

Lynn McCoy


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