Burke: When patience wears thin, the ire runneth over

Judging by comments on news stories, the vaccinated have had it with the unvaccinated. And Trump.

By Tom Burke / Herald columnist

It’s baaaack!

Yep, covid’s back above-the-fold (1,000 dead-a-day ain’t headlines no more) thanks to the omicron variant and an initial bunch of over-hyped headlines (by big media outlets); a whole bunch of deliberate disinformation (lies by right-wing news and Republican politicians); and not nearly enough balanced consideration (like that from President Biden and Anthony Fauci) while we wait for the science to catch up with the click-bait fear-mongering.

But what’s recently interested me is how the vaccinated are reacting to the anti-vaxxers.

So, via some different newspaper comment sections, I sampled the vox populi on anti-vaxxers.

And it was pretty raw.

Here’s what the unvaccinated are saying about their resistance to getting the shot: It’s all about “freedom;” Trump said so; vaccines are a government/Microsoft plot; the science isn’t to be trusted; the serum is the spawn of Satan and the mark of the devil; Fox News personalities said it’s not necessary; horse medicine will protect them, etc.

And, judging by what I’m seeing, I’d say the sympathy reservoir for the unvaccinated is bone-dry. People said:

“I do not care if the ignorant and stupid kill themselves. They are always dangerous to those with measurable IQs.”

“Let them get sick, suffer and die, I have no problem with that!”

“Anyone unvaxxed at this point, without a legitimate exemption, is basically a suicide bomber.”

“I was vaccinated as soon as I qualified. I’m a nurse working with multiple unvaccinated co-workers and I no longer care if the stupid kill themselves and their children off. Their selfishness is astounding.”

Then there were some offering “encouragement” for getting the shot:

“When triaging ER cases, the unvaccinated should go to the back of the line, and even then put into a tent outside of the building.”

“How about this — since they’re all about ‘freedom’ — sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) and if they get covid, which they will, die at home! I’m sick and tired of We, the People, having to pay for their medical care.”

“This madness will only stop once health insurance companies refuse to pay for covid-related treatment and life insurance policies don’t pay out to those that could’ve gotten vaccinated, didn’t and then croaked.”

While others assigned blame:

“What a brilliant plan. Republican office holders and politicians have been putting out misinformation on the covid vaccine to their followers who, acting on the Republican message, are not getting vaccinated. Since 80-85 percent of new cases are among the unvaccinated, this ‘brilliant’ plan to ‘own the Libs’ will end up killing off Republican voters. Just freaking brilliant!”

And then there are those compounding problem with lies:

“Here comes the MEV — the Midterm Election Variant!” said Representative (Dr.) Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, on his Twitter feed. “They need a reason to push unsolicited nationwide mail-in ballots. Democrats will do anything to cheat during an election; but we’re not going to let them!”

Others opined:

“Welcome to America, Omicron, where Republicans want coronavirus to have more reproductive rights than women.”

“The unvaccinated demand the freedom to die. I would be fine with that if they didn’t also put the rest of us in jeopardy.”

“Freedom without responsibility + rights without duty or obligation = today’s Republican Party. Don’t get the vaccination. We want you dead.”

“The coronavirus doesn’t care what you believe about it!”

While others saw a sardonic benefit:

“If the virus does its job, we may retain our democracy in the next election. Unfortunately, the (clearly) brain-damaged GQP will contribute to spreading the disease to the most vulnerable among us.

Still others had questions:

“I’m interested to know whether unvaxxed people who catch covid will take the new Pfizer treatment or stick with Ivermectin and nebulizing hydrogen peroxide.”

“If they would take the new treatment, why are they so mistrustful of the vaccine produced by the same company?”

So there you have it. Peoples’ patience has about run out.

But wait, there’s more! We just discovered from his former chief-of-staff that Donald Trump was told he tested positive for covid before his first debate with Biden and he and his family showed up anyway, maskless, and appeared at a bunch of events with vulnerable people, putting them at risk.

People’s reaction to that wasn’t kind:

“He’s the appropriate head of the Republican Party because hurting people is what they do.”

“Make no mistake. Trump went to that debate believing he was infected and hoping he could give Biden a fatal dose of the virus. It’s who he is.”

“A sadistic liar who views all humans as his mark. Always has. Always will.”

“According to the Lancet medical journal he killed over 400,000 Americans with incompetence and hubris.”

For me, however, the final word was a bit of clever:

“The old saying “you can’t fix stupid” has been proven incorrect. Covid-19 fixes stupid.”

Tom Burke’s email address is t.burke.column@gmail.com.

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