From which majority’s tyranny are we being protected

After reading the Nov. 13 letter to the editor from a Trump support about values, it should be noted we’re not governed by biblical law, and the fact that many evangelicals have over-looked things the author admits they don’t agree with in exchange for political gain is hardly today’s hot news flash. We know. The writer might well consider rather that the intolerance is its own value judgment in rejecting the moral argument here that the end justifies the means.

In response to what appears the latest nonsensical conservative catch-phrase, “tyranny of the majority,” it’s almost amusing the writer also highlights the importance to evangelicals of “pushing” Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation through the Senate. It makes no sense, using a majority to set up another majority with the intent of protecting us from, the majority? I submit most folks would venture the government was set up to protect us from the tyranny of another a king and his court and as in this case, from sanctioned religious persecution.

Dennis Doolittle


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