How will gun legislation reduce firearms violence?

A tsunami of anti-gun bills has flooded the Legislature for attention and votes as if the state will perish if these bills are not acted upon immediately. There are over 99 bills proposed in the House and Senate with very few favorable to gun rights. I think it’s time to step back and ask some questions before taking votes on all these bills.

First, how many people who have concealed carry licenses have carried out some assault on the public? If the answer is none, then why is the Legislature so concerned about further restricting the rights of concealed carry permit holders? Seems to me the focus should be elsewhere!

Second, why would our attorney general forbid gun owners the ability to join membership organizations which provide legal referrals, etc. if the individual should ever have to use a gun for protection? Is he going to demand that only certain automobile drivers or homeowners get to buy insurance next?

Finally, limiting ammunition magazine sizes only ensures that responsible gun owners are penalized by having to change magazines more often than a criminal! The same is true of having to go through a background check to buy ammunition which means that a person would not be able to take advantage of the best price available and do any ordering on-line. Will criminals or others intent on harming other people do that?

One further question regarding creating a state office of firearm violence prevention: How does an office reduce gun violence?

The Legislature needs to get back to doing the work of the people which doesn’t include this hyper focus and reduction of Second Amendment Rights!

Catherine Paxton


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