Mukilteo communities must fight more flights at Paine Field

Snohomish County rezoned our community in 1978 and assured us that there would never be commercial flights from Paine Field; they lied.

Smaller lot sizes devastated tree cover, polluted our streams and killed our salmon. Tree cover that would have helped clean the air and diffuse aircraft noise is gone forever. In 2018 in a 4-2 vote, the Snohomish County Council told our community was it would only be 48 flights per day and the aircraft used would be quiet. This is a lie.

The aircraft used by Alaska Airlines and United are Embraer 175s. They remind me of United States Air Force fighter jet’s flown out of Paine in the ’60s. They are already talking about more flights at Paine Field and how great it would be.

Mukilteo needs to annex its urban growth area to include Fairmount, Lake Serene, Wingate, Norma Beach, Picnic Point and Wind and Tide neighborhoods. We need to be big and strong to defeat the destruction of our beloved community. I have lived here on Beverly Park Road for 66 years. Snohomish County is destroying our community. We are being lied to. Hopefully with the newly elected Snohomish County Council member Megan Dunn, our communities will have better representation and protection.

William Gregerson


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