Trump’s big lie that he won is a threat to democracy

I know we’re all getting tired of reading or hearing about it but the conspiracy theories abound. Fraudulent election results rumors are rampant. As soon as one big lie is disproven or thrown out of court, another two pop up with “solid evidence that will soon be revealed.” We wonder why so many Americans still believe in the man whose income taxes were under audit so he couldn’t show them as he promised countless times to do; he promised a health care plan that would be “so easy”; the wall “that Mexico would pay for”; the massive infrastructure plan and on and on. Trump lied to us from day one, as he has done all his life. And now his warped ego is telling anyone who will listen that he was cheated out of the presidency. The “big lie” is Donald Trump himself.

Unfortunately, a certain percentage of Americans will buy anything Trump sells. Does that mean that we can’t disagree without violence? We used to. There was a day in this land when reason, truth, and laws formed by the majority, ruled the land. Republicans actually worked for the betterment of this nation, they compromised with the Democrats and vice versa for the good of us all. It was called a democracy. Now, many Republicans are threatening violence similar to last Jan. 6 to get their way. Democracy is the last thing Trump wants, and if enough Americans buy into his act we will lose a way of life that every human on this planet used to envy and it will be because of a warped and twisted human being named Donald J. Trump

Don Curtis


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