What’s behind all the doomsday predictions?

At my age, I have seen a lot of “end of the world” predictions come and go. In my early school days, it was the coming Ice Age. Soon after, it was the Commies-are-coming. Then it was predictions of a nuclear armageddon. As the calendar turned, so did the predictions of looming disasters.

Remember that the world was going to run out of oil? Or how about the population explosion and resulting starvation disaster facing the world? Then there was Y2K! About the same time, we were warned of global warming, rising waters and drought. On the heels of those predicted disasters came the Mayan calendar and the end of the world! Now we have new packaging. The end is coming because of climate change, which is morphing into climate disaster.

All of these have something in common. We must do something; quick! Or else! Me thinks we are listening too much to these doomsday experts. There seems to be an industry that springs up around each one. Could it be that there is money to be made?

Ron Jinkens


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