Wish Herald had asked before making switch of comics

Like a good cup of coffee, I count on reading the paper each morning. And, part of reading the paper is the comics section. It gives a certain rhythm to my day. The other day I read the information about the need to consolidate the comics in all of your publications to allow for more news content, but I had no idea that so many of my favorite comics would be eliminated! Needless to say, I am mourning the loss of Zits, Dilbert, Mother Goose and Baby Blues! The replacements that were randomly chosen without reader input are lame and unsatisfying!

I just re-upped my yearly subscription, and a few days later (after the check was in the mail) I got a call to renew and get my payment in. If my business was so important for the company to make sure I was still a subscriber, why wouldn’t we be asked about which comics we preferred? While I appreciate the news content of The Herald, I also need the comics to be a well-rounded reader. With all the heavy news these days, we (Herald customers) deserve a little levity of our choosing. Please reconsider these choices and how these decisions are made; paying customers deserve the chance to have input!

Luann Baker


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