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It’s easy to see why Honda CR-V is a favorite

The CR-V compact crossover utility vehicle was significantly renovated for 2012 and Honda hasn’t done much with it since, other than watch the sales figures… Continue reading

Toyota updates its Tundra pickup

In the full-size pickup territory densely populated by the Detroit Three, Toyota seeks higher ground with a redesigned version of the half-ton Tundra for 2014.… Continue reading

2014 Subaru Forester is sophisticated, practical

Soon after its U.S. debut 15 years ago, the Subaru Forester compact crossover utility vehicle became a staple of the Pacific Northwest, particularly among drivers… Continue reading

Better ride, quieter cabin in 2014 Kia Soul

The Kia Soul has its share of detractors whose opinions are based entirely on the car’s eccentric appearance. Yet, many people see Soul as appealing… Continue reading

New Jetta is a fun car with staying power

The much-liked Volkswagen Jetta has been around forever, and the momentum continues for 2014 with the addition of a new 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder engine for… Continue reading

2014 Jaguar F-Type means business beyond good looks

As if Jaguar’s current crop of cars weren’t already enticing enough, now there’s the F-Type. It’s a two-seat convertible sports car signifying a sort of… Continue reading

2013 Honda Civic Hybrid looks good, but won’t turn heads

Half a year ago, the nifty 2013 Honda Civic Si Coupe received favorable evaluation on this blog. Here’s a look at another model in Civic’s… Continue reading

Ram 1500 improves with new engine

After a glory year in which the 2013 Ram 1500 pickup nailed several of the auto industry’s top awards, the 2014 model goes for the… Continue reading

2014 BMW wagon stands out among highway hordes

Wagons are often described as alternatives to SUVs and crossovers, providing similar cargo-carrying versatility in a less heavy, more fuel-efficient format. However, a survey of… Continue reading

Rejuvenated Acura MDX has clean, if not-normal, look

Acura’s MDX premium midsize SUV, completely remodeled for the 2014 model year, has been rejuvenated for 2017. Noticeable at first glance are some exterior alterations,… Continue reading

Putting Chrysler Pacifica, Nissan Pathfinder through their paces

May 27, 2016: My nephew Jesse, who lives in Arizona, stands near the California town of Campo near the Mexican border and takes his first… Continue reading

Subaru Forester is a Pacific Northwest darling for good reason

The Pacific Northwest is a major market for the Subaru Forester. The reasons are obvious but I’ll go ahead and mention them anyway. It’s going… Continue reading

Mazda’s CX-3 is sporty, spirited and small

Mazda’s CX-3 is a brand new offering in the burgeoning subcompact crossover SUV category. Snazzy exterior design, affordable pricing, good fuel economy and lively driving… Continue reading

Let’s hit the road — and the air

Thanks for clicking on to my brand-new blog! As a Herald employee, I spent more than 20 years reviewing and writing about cars for the… Continue reading

Honda’s silly car for women, and a look inside the Enclave

During the past weekend, I saw two interesting news stories related to women and cars. One was ridiculous, the other sublime. The first one, the… Continue reading

Toyota rolls out changes, prices for 2013 Avalon

Live on Oct. 30 from the Toyota Avalon Northwest Region Product Press Preview in Santa Barbara, Calif.: For 2013, Toyota’s five-passenger flagship sedan is all-new,… Continue reading

Porsche Carrera — now that’s a car for women

So, we’ve had a look at the Fit She’s, Honda’s new pink subcompact designed for women. And now, here’s my idea of a car for… Continue reading

A sneak peek Sunday at the Mazda CX-9

Mazda is doing a local media presentation for the newest version of its award-winning CX-9 three-row, seven-passenger crossover, on Sunday at Touchdown City before the… Continue reading

A first look at Mazda’s updated CX-9

On Sunday in the Touchdown City area at CenturyLink Field Event Center, Mazda brought in a 2013 CX-9 fresh off the transcontinental delivery boat for… Continue reading