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Forum: Don’t allow hate to go unchallenged in our communities

Arlington and Snohomish County can’t stay silent in the face of hate crime attacks of family and friends.

Dan Hazen

Forum: When our thoughts don’t square with beliefs, we justify

We seem easily able to dismiss nagging thoughts when our actions don’t match our stated viewpoints.

Dan Hazen

Forum: Two encounters point to our behavioral health failures

Two women, both appearing confused and agitated, needed more help than I or my husband could offer.

Ron Friesen

Forum: Good teachers, coaches focus on growth to reach perfection

A music professor showed me that perfection comes through growth. We can take that path with America.

Ron Friesen
Edie Everette

Forum: On aging gracefully, gratefully (and parenthetically)

Regardless of my accomplishments, I still doubt I can fulfill my ‘promise’ with the time I have left.

Edie Everette

Forum: A license isn’t needed to speak; same goes for a gun

Any weakening of the Second Amendment opens the door to threats to our other Constitutional rights.

Forum: Herald failed journalistic duty in canceling ‘Dilbert’

The newspaper’s editors should have used this as an opportunity to “tell the rest of the story.”

Forum: County residents have welcomed Ukrainians fleeing war

After one year of war, it’s heartening to know that 3,400 have found safety in Snohomish County.

Juan Peralez

Forum: We can’t just blame ‘bad apples’ for problems in policing

What must follow now is a culture change from new attention, policies and commitment to justice.

Juan Peralez
Jim Strickland

Forum: Among a list of subjects, kids need to learn democracy

Let’s start with a discussion about how we teach democracy and how we measure what is learned.

Jim Strickland
Dan Hazen

Forum: Every citizen has right to vote; no one should be forced to

Legislation in the state Senate would mandate voting. I won’t easily give up the right not to vote.

Dan Hazen

Forum: Essay on Navy Growlers got science and the need wrong

The aircraft may have limitations against China and thus may not be worth the noise overhead.

Forum: Some of my education’s best moments were funded by levies

Students like myself gain valuable experience and confidence through extracurricular clubs and sports.

Forum: String of levy loses 50 years ago left impacts for years

The end of levy funding in Marysville left crowded classrooms and a loss of accreditation and town pride.

Forum: Changes at Marysville schools merit voters’ support

Marysville’s mayor endorses the effort to improve schools and asks for support of the Feb. 14 levy.

Forum: Noise from Navy Growlers on Whidbey no threat to health

The noise is fleeting and the training of the aircrafts’ crews are important to the nation’s security.

Forum: Recent policing reforms have made Washington less safe

Clamping down on police pursuits and looking the other way on drug use is contributing to a rise in crime.

Forum: Save habitat for wildlife that are losing homes

Numerous animals and plants are facing extinction unless we work to protect and restore their habitat.

Forum: More details led to support for mental health facility

Learning more about a proposed mental health facility near Stanwood has satisfied earlier concerns.

Dan Hazen

Forum: Protector or predator? How we react to weakness matters

A thought experiment: What reaction and response does seeing ‘weakness’ in a person prompt from you?

Dan Hazen