Jerry Cornfield

Lawmakers running out of time to solve the Hirst riddle

Wednesday arrived with a sense of possibility that lawmakers could solve the two remaining riddles in this year’s legislating marathon. But by the… Continue reading

Lawmakers to shine more light on state worker contracts

Republican senators agreed to fund state worker contracts after reaching a deal with Democrats to increase the role of lawmakers in the collective… Continue reading

Solving McCleary is like figuring out a Rubik’s Cube

Any day now lawmakers will reveal how they solved the McCleary Rubik’s Cube. Democratic and Republican lawmakers have spent months twisting and turning… Continue reading

Backers of district elections in Everett running out of time

An ambitious attempt to redistribute political power in Everett might not make it to the ballot this year. Supporters of a measure to… Continue reading

Talk and tension rise over collective bargaining reform

Teachers in the Everett School District incited quite a stir with their talk of striking on the first day of school this fall… Continue reading

No easy fix for Washington’s broken process of legislating

Washington voters amended the state Constitution in 1979 in hopes of bringing discipline to a legislating process run amok. Sixty percent of them… Continue reading

Experience pays when prepping for government shutdown

The process of shutting down state government is under way, again. At the direction of Gov. Jay Inslee, agency leaders are updating their contingency plans… Continue reading

When it came to car tabs, not all lawmakers read the fine print

It’s pretty clear those running Sound Transit aren’t seizing the initiative to ease the financial pain caused by a surge in its car… Continue reading

Don’t forget what lawmakers accomplished during regular session

Not a whole lot is going on around the Capitol these days as the first not-so-special session reaches the end of its third… Continue reading

AG seeks public advice on forcing Trump to show his taxes

Some Democratic lawmakers want to know if they can legally keep President Donald Trump’s name off the ballot in Washington in 2020 if… Continue reading

Dems happy over GOP-sponsored bill to increase ballot boxes

In the stack of bills awaiting Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee’s signature is what one supporter described as the “most progressive democracy measure” emerging… Continue reading

There’s plenty of blame to go around for special session

The countdown to special session is under way. Truthfully, it’s been going on for a while among those in the fraternity of lawmakers,… Continue reading

Lawmakers struggle to solve the puzzle of public education

As eight lawmakers arrived at a conference room early Wednesday for another round of negotiations on public school funding, I welcomed them with… Continue reading

State Senate candidate Ken Smith doesn’t fit the GOP’s mold

As an elected board member in the Northshore School District, Ken Smith served the public and conducted his politics in relative anonymity to… Continue reading

A tax change lawmakers can love? It’s now up to GOP

After years of futility in targeting the wealthy, House Democrats may have divined an approach to achieve some of the political and financial… Continue reading

Sound Transit board ponders car tab fury

This could be interesting. Thursday afternoon directors of Sound Transit will hold their regular monthly meeting in Seattle. It will be their first… Continue reading

The little bill that couldn’t is not quite back on track

Everyone understands the problem. No one opposes the solution. Yet today owners of 285 properties in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties still are… Continue reading

Talk of taxes and unions: Prelude to a political season

As the ruling majority in the state Senate, Republicans can bring up pretty much what they want on the floor when they please.… Continue reading

Washington’s faithless electors are about to face the music

The next episode in a political drama sparked by President Donald Trump’s election will take place in a Tacoma office building Friday. There,… Continue reading

Political pragmatism blocks votes on death penalty, weapons

A vote, up or down, on abolishing the death penalty in Washington. That’s what Attorney General Bob Ferguson wanted on the legislation he… Continue reading