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Juggalos rally, march in Washington against ‘gang’ label

Collecting around a stage set up at the Lincoln Memorial, several hundred Juggalos — fans of the Detroit-based hip-hop duo… Continue reading

Study: Small consumer drones unlikely to cause head injury

Risks of a head injury are greater if a drone falls on a person than if it runs into them flying.

Independents hate other party more than the one they back

Dislike of the other party is a bigger motivator than support for your own.

18-year-old arrested in connection with London subway attack

30 people were injured and authorities said it was terrorism.

The cover New Yorker planned to use if Hillary Clinton won

The artist notes that the artwork can be read on multiple levels.

Norwegians find well-preserved Viking-era sword

It is believed to date from about 850-950 A.D.

Prosecutor renews interest in Long Island serial killer case

Hidden from passing drivers were the skeletal remains of 10 people, mostly young women.

FEMA auctioned disaster trailers before Harvey made landfall

Associated Press The federal government auctioned off disaster-response trailers at fire-sale prices just before Harvey devastated southeast Texas, reducing an already diminished supply of mobile… Continue reading

Protests follow ex-St. Louis officer’s acquittal in killing

Jason Stockley, who is white, had been charged with the murder of Anthony Smith, who was black.

Fashion begins to face facts: Americans are getting bigger

American women, who on average wear about a size 16, need bigger sizes.

11-year-old boy gets lawn-mowing gig at White House

He was so focused on his job that he didn’t notice when President Trump emerged to check his work.

North Korea fires missile over Japan in longest-ever flight

North Korea seems closer than ever to its goal of a military arsenal that can target the U.S.

After sending us 453,000 images, Cassini succumbs to Saturn

During a 20-year mission, the NASA spacecraft discovered worlds “we never knew were there.”

Vatican diplomat recalled amid child porn investigation

A U.S. official said the priest was a senior member of the Vatican embassy staff in Washington, D.C.

Stars honor country singer Troy Gentry at Opry memorial

Country singer Troy Gentry, who died Sept. 8 in a helicopter crash, was memorialized Thursday.

Tall tail: Record-setting cats share home

One feline is the world’s tallest; the other has the longest tail.

Research on big ears, crocodile gambling wins Ig Nobels

The awards, in their 27th year, are given out for absurd scientific achievement.

Forest Service spends record $2B battling forest fires

The emphasis on firefighting means that money for prevention efforts is diverted to putting out fires.

Seniors fight post-hurricane heat with Popsicles, compresses

Dozens of the state’s senior centers still lack electricity in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Boeing helps keep Dow positive as the other indexes struggle

CEO Dennis Muilenburg says the company expects to start delivering more planes.