What's Up With That?

Kickin’ back in the new seats at the Regal Alderwood theater

My husband Max was all revved up when he came home from seeing the new Tom Cruise flick. “Was it that good?” I asked. He… Continue reading

For those seeking herbal magic, Everett shop hits the spot

It’s an herbal store that doesn’t sell Washington’s favorite herb. Instead of pineapple kush and purple haze, Moddejonge’s Herbals has peppermint tea and… Continue reading

Everett’s got a spooky rooftop Halloween monster mash

It’s like a rooftop version of the Macy’s parade. Giant inflatables sway and pop up across the skyline on this roadshow attraction on… Continue reading

Lego road show brings the U.S. Capitol to Alderwood mall

Finally, here’s a chance to see Washington, D.C., politics that are a roadshow instead of a sideshow. Lego sculptures of the White House,… Continue reading

Roadside pink flamingos hint at Lake Stevens man’s treasures

I figured it had to be a hot story when two people at opposite ends of the newsroom asked me to find… Continue reading

Mustard-flavored love on aisle 38 in Costco

Many couples slip into something sexy on their anniversary. David and Susan Barrow dressed as mustard bottles and went to Costco. Actually three different Costcos.… Continue reading

Get your meow on at Edmonds cat cafe

For $5, you get a can of pop and a whole lotta catitude. About 10 cats are there for the petting or playing… Continue reading

Reality-TV ‘Rescue’ of yet another Everett bar airs Sunday

So, a man walks into a bar and says, “I’m here to give this place a makeover and show your dirty laundry on… Continue reading

Kiosk at the Everett Mall specializes in 3D printing

The future has arrived. It’s at a kiosk at the Everett Mall. Whatever you want, a printer can create it. What’s up with that? At… Continue reading

Power up with some banana cream pie at PUD

When you think of PUD, you think of electric bills and field trucks and live wires and chain saws, right? Well, think again. Think of… Continue reading

Dung Dynasty: Zoo celebrates more than 30 years of prized poo

Most of the news releases that clog my email box are blah-blah-blah. The one from Woodland Park Zoo was everything butt. The subject line said… Continue reading

Ballinger Way juice bar serves attitude with a side of kale

Before ordering at Alive Juice Bar, you might want to read the chalkboard first. Not for ideas what to buy, but for how… Continue reading

Pedal power gets Everett family where they need to go

Sure, they have a minivan. But it’s not the main mode of travel for Brittney and Tyler Rourke when they hit the town. Instead, the… Continue reading

The brains behind the sayings on Dunn’s sign in Everett

‘Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” Does that saying sound familiar … but you just can’t pinpoint why? Maybe it was… Continue reading

On Dasher, on Donner … on your car?

Sure, Rudolph antlers are cute to wear on your head for silly photos or to top off an ugly Christmas sweater. But what in blue… Continue reading

Everett Mall corn kiosk grew from a kernel of an idea

Corn in a cup. Not on the cob. In a paper cup with a plastic spoon. That’s the menu at Tamara Corn, a kiosk in… Continue reading

Electroshock the pain away. … Seriously?

You’ve probably seen the TV ads with Shaquille O’Neal all fired up about Icy Hot Smart Relief. The NBA giant touts the benefits of treating… Continue reading

What’s up with those ‘fish crossing’ signs?

Deer Crossing signs alert motorists to be on the lookout for reckless ruminant mammals. But Fish Crossing signs? Those had Herald multimedia ad consultant Jennifer… Continue reading

Why there’s a stuffed gorilla outside an Everett vacuum store

Looming large on the sidewalk is a shaggy gorilla and a 10-foot vacuum cleaner. It’s the King Kong of Evergreen Way. But this gorilla isn’t… Continue reading

Frog Lady of Edmonds is Ripley’s material

EDMONDS — Don’t come knockin’ if this van’s a hoppin’. You might have seen Thayer Cueter’s frogmobile bopping down the highway or parked in a… Continue reading