Paul Schoenfeld

How to help your youngster become a successful adult

Research suggests it’s more important to play with your toddler than teach her the alphabet.

No matter your age, the value of friendship stays the same

We tend to have friends we’ve kept for many years, but it’s also important to develop new friendships.

Ways to help you keep your cool when you’re stressed out

Follow these six practices to calm back down when your temper starts to flair up.

The parenting power struggle: Are you spoiling your kids?

Follow these guidelines the next time your child has a temper tandtrum to get what she wants.

Are you noticing cognitive changes in your aging parent?

These symptoms may be associated with getting older or a sign of more significant problems.

Managing life’s transitions: The only constant in life is change

Life is change, but change isn’t easy. Here’s how to better cope with life’s natural progression.

American horror: What can we do to prevent mass murder?

There isn’t a single cause or a single solution for deathly shootings like the one in Florida.

Lessons from the Olymics on setting and meeting goals

Those of us non-athletes whose favorite sport is avoiding sports can learn a lot from Olympians.

How to raise children who turn into well-balanced adults

Through mindful parenting, your kids can grow up to be compassionate, kind and honest.

Don’t give up hope on helping older teenagers who seem lost

There is a fine line between helping your kids and enabling their unhealthy behavior.

How to help your anxious children cope with their fears

Reassurance is rarely helpful, and avoidance is not a solution. Here’s how to calm their worries.

Anxiety, or chronic worry, is a growing problem

Paul Schoenfeld shares four approaches to help keep your anxiety from getting out of control.

It’s better to give your children rewards than punishments

Paul Schoenfeld explains how positive reinforcement is far more effective than negative with kids.

Share and heal: Speak up about your feelings before its too late

Don’t keep your feelings to yourself. Small disappointments can grow into major resentments.

Look ahead to the new year, but take a look back at 2017 first

Use the last few days of December to prepare for the new year.

Parenthood training takes a lifetime of education

Very few of us have formal education in parenting. Our main instruction came from the universal course called “Watching Our Parents 201.” Our parents, in… Continue reading

Relationship do’s and don’ts: Lessons from 40 years of marriage

Paul Schoenfeld reflects on what he’s learned about relationships after four decades with his wife.

Give yourself the gift of self-care this holiday season

Here are some tips on how to deal with feelings of loss during this festive time of the year.

A recipe for a well-seasoned holiday

We all have stresses that detract from the experience, so let go of the less-meaningful traditions.

In this hectic life, it’s important to stop, listen and look

Columnist Paul Schoenfeld says to put down your phone and re-experience stillness, wonder and grace.