Steve Smith

January sees the arrival of 1,450 bare root shrub roses

Employees at Sunnyside Nursery in Marysville prune and pot nearly a thousand and a half plants.

It may be the dead of winter, but the garden is wide awake

Go on — take a stroll in your garden, for the metamorphosis you see will surely lift your spirits.

A gardener’s words of wisdom for the end of the year

Steve Smith: “The more time we can spend communing with our gardens the better this world could be.”

More holiday gift ideas for the special gardener in your life

Still don’t know what to give your loved one who loves to garden? The idea list continues…

Holiday gift ideas for that special gardener in your life

Don’t know what to give your loved one who loves to garden? How about one of these.

Wreath-making reconnects you to the garden this time of year

You’ll gain a decoration for your front door and a better appreciation for the Northwest bounty.

This palmate-leafed plant brings the tropics to your garden

Japanese aralia is a tropical-looking flowering shrub or small tree native to Japan.

How to prune in fall and other timely chores

Under no circumstance should we be pruning our shrubs or trees severely this time of year.

The fallen leaves of autumn are an asset, not a problem

They provide nutrients and help block winter weeds, so don’t put them in the lawn waste bin.

It’s cold, dark and wet — time to move your gardening indoors

Houseplants will most likely be the focus of many a Northwest gardener this fall and winter.

These bulbs will brighten your garden in winter

The blooms will repeat for many years. And they are cheap. What more could you ask from a plant?

Where there’s ‘smoke,’ there’s fiery garden color in the fall

For a change in scenery, these three plants will add brilliant colors to your autumn yard.

With odd weather, October still a good month for gardening

Climate change in Washington is turning October in to a gardener’s favorite fall month.

Plant these three berrying shrubs for a beautiful fall garden

They may look boring during the growing season, but they’ll burst with color come autumn and winter.

Three fall-blooming bulbs to jazz up our September gardens

Don’t miss out: These autumn bloomers are only available in nurseries for a few weeks in the fall.

Your to-do list for the resurgent September garden

Now’s the best time to improve or replace your tired lawn.

Take the time to plan for year-round interst in your garden

Our winters are long and dark enough without having to look out onto a boring yard.

It started as a pathetic lawn. Now it’s a tropical wonderland

The evolution of garden expert Steve Smith’s Sunnyside Boulevard oasis.

Go ahead — have a summer fling with a tropical beauty

They create drama in the garden like no other, before they meet their fate in the compost pile.

Does your garden look tired come August? Do this to wake it up

With some weeding, planting, feeding and pruning this month, the yard can look fresh again.