Steve Smith

December to-do list for messy or clean garden

I recently made my December to-do list for the garden. I know it might be hard to believe that there are actually chores to accomplish… Continue reading

Blooming plants for the winter garden

I have often noticed that as I move deeper into the dark and dreary days of winter, the need for some color becomes more and… Continue reading

Make wreath-making a holiday tradition

Despite the fact that you and I both know there are still serious gardening chores to accomplish before the end of the year, the truth… Continue reading

Winter-blooming plants keep color alive in dark days

I know it isn’t really winter yet, but with all the rain and gray skies it sure feels like it. While most of the plants… Continue reading

Pruning made easy: It’s time we all understand how to do it

There is no task in gardening that generates more anxiety then pruning. Simply put, the real secret to proper pruning is in understanding how a… Continue reading

It’s time to winterize the garden

Earlier this month some of you might remember waking up to frost on your roofs and possibly even on your lawn. That was our wake-up… Continue reading

A few fall standouts for your garden

Albert Camus, the French philosopher who developed Absurdism, once said: “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” While Albert didn’t attach… Continue reading

A few fall standouts for your garden

It’s always fun this time of year to walk around the nursery and see what looks interesting. Most evergreens look like they always do but… Continue reading

An October to-do list for your garden

Fall is officially here and what a glorious one it has been so far. There has been just enough rain to green up the lawns… Continue reading

Three plants that will ignite your yard with fall color

Keeping our landscapes changing is so critical to keeping our interest in gardening. With change, there’s the anticipation of something new and exciting. With change,… Continue reading

Fall is, yes, the perfect time to work in the yard

I know that some of you might think that I just pontificate to amuse myself and that I am mostly full of it (and that… Continue reading

Plant winter containers for beautiful foliage, textures

Judging from the attendance for our fall container class last week (more than 90) it is encouraging to know that many Northwest gardeners are just… Continue reading

Six areas to pay attention to in the autumn

Fall is an excellent time to plant just about anything. You can plant new shrubs and trees, perennials, vegetables, lawns and container plants this time… Continue reading

Your garden deserves a drink during the dog days of August

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were traveling down U.S. 97 in Eastern Oregon on our way to Crater Lake. That area… Continue reading

Say hello to high summer

What a strange year this has been. It feels like we have yet to experience summer. A couple of sunny days will come along, followed… Continue reading

Perennials bring year-round gardening joy

My life is filled with plants. In the nursery I have thousands of them. In my garden probably hundreds. They range from trees to shrubs… Continue reading

Get to know our beautiful Northwest nativars

Every year we have thousands of new words added to our English dictionary, many of them coming from the techno-geek world of video games and… Continue reading

Attract bees, other pollinators to your garden with lots of flowers

I think most gardeners are aware that bees are in decline. Bee keepers in particular have seen high percentage losses due to Colony Collapse Disorder,… Continue reading

July is time to take stock of your garden

July is an interesting month in the Northwest. Often it is a time for a second start in the garden, to replace things that didn’t… Continue reading

The promise and frustration of an early spring

Now that we have finished the first six months of the year, I feel compelled to report on my observations and future forecasts for the… Continue reading