Terry and Kim Kovel

This ivory pie crimper was made in the 1800s by a sailor

Sailors had time to carve ivory objects, often as gifts, and the ankle and leg were considered erotic.


Unusual ‘Modern gothic’ woven wire daybed auctions for $3,125

The bed still has the original fabric-wrapped metal wire webbing the designer patented in 1879.


Goldscheider family had a profound influence on ceramics

A new book could stimulate interest in the family’s work — and raise prices for collectors.


Agrillite carvings by the Haida people can fetch big money

The fine-grained black siltstone comes from just one place on Earth: Slatechuck Creek on Haida Gwaii.

Great-grandma probably had one of these boxes in her kitchen

This pine box from the 1850s was for proofing bread dough. The lid was a place to rest and cut it.

This American-flag table is rare — and worth a lot of dough

“Unique” is a word that is often misused by collectors. It means one of a kind. There can never be a unique mass-produced chair, but… Continue reading

Little is known about exotically dressed dancer figurines

Their Art Deco style remains popular a century later — many have sold for up to $1,500.

Many emotions and interests motivate people to collect

Do they hoard to replace something that was missing in their life? Or is it interest history or art?

Popcorn wagons, the food trucks of yesteryear, popular again

A horse-drawn wagon from 1910 built by Charles Cretors fetched $34,000 at an antiques auction.

Correct marks make all the difference in figurines’ value

A pair of authentic 7½-inch-high figures of a Sultan and Sultana sold at recently for $1,220.

America’s first symbol, Miss Liberty, is all but forgotten

She held a sword, wreath, shield decorated with stars and stripes, and wore the Phrygian liberty cap.

Wine-tasting table was probably never used when tasting wine

It’s now known to be a tea or dessert table that held plates, cups, saucers and food for a meal.

Nantucket lightship crew made baskets to stave off boredom

The rare lollipop basket features a top rim with round pieces that look like little lollipops.

Rare optician’s eye test chart was made in the 19th century

The chart priced at $2,200 has a metal lamp visor and a linen scroll with letters of different sizes.

Hires Root Beer ad, made in the 1920s, features a flapper girl

But most of Hires ads had few pictures, just descriptions of its health values or the good shape.

Solve the puzzle to drink from this pitcher without spilling

The elaborately decorated vessel with a hidden “straw” was made in Budapest, Hungary, in about 1895.

Vintage flag made of crocheted crepe paper sold for $344

The 48-star banner was probably made to display at a Forth of July or “Welcome Home Soldier” party.

Kem Weber was modernism’s leading West Coast proponent

The modern architect and designer was most known for creating the sleek “Airline” chair.

Antique schoolboy ‘penny toy’ made in Germany sold for $840

The child’s arm moves and opens the top of the desk to show candy hidden inside.

We can thank the Shaker religious community for seed packets

Their innovation led to seed tape, whose turn-of-the-century packaging is coveted today.