Terry and Kim Kovel

Now is a good time to start a valentines card collection

A collector can find reasonably priced postcards and die-cut cards that were sold in dime stores.

Whiskey nip (a small bottle that holds one shot) sold for $700

The flask has a rare bright-blue color and a screw-on metal cap used on many 1885-1900 bottles.

Tin boy-on-a-scooter toy is key-wound and rolls across floor

French toymaker F. Martin made this metal scootering boy in the 1920s. It sold recently for $1,560.

A pair of Chinese urns from the mid-1800s were painted over

But these “clobbered” alterations were thought of enhancing — not damaging — and added to their value.

Antique bright cobalt blue-blown sugar bowl sold for $2,300

The lid’s finial is shaped like an acorn, but the best clue to its age is the engraving “A.G. 1780.”

American, Canadian slat-back chairs have subtle differences

The antique chairs from the 17th and early 18th centuries can fetch four figures at auctions.

This late 19th-century silver-plated lamp burned whale oil

It has it all — a silver-plated reflector brass pole, tools, moth reflector and a finial.

Christmas toys from Victorian times make for great decor

Do you have an antique Christmas board game? Prop it against the wall near your tree for decoration.

A note was found taped to the bottom of this birdcage rocker

The writing traced the Windsor chair back to a Massachusetts woman who was hung as a witch.

Miniature pool table is actually a match holder for a table

Did you know? There is a difference between a match strike, match safe, match case and match holder.

Devilish Krampus figure holds a basket of naughty children

This evil man was part of German holiday lore for centuries, a frightening idea that was suppressed.

Carved mermaid on hanging lamp fully clothed in 1900s fashion

Mermaids and mermen have been “seen” and pictured since the Babylonian era.

Antique obelisks made of rare Blue John stone and rock crystal

This form of mineral fluorite with bands of purplish-blue or yellow was found in the 18th century.

Even copies of Tiffany lamps can fetch big money

Lamps made by Philip Julius Handel in Meriden, Connecticut, are now selling for up to $8,000.

Early whistles were molded from clay into shape of a bird

The center of these whistles held water. Blowing into a hole made the water move and make a sound.

Settee inspired by Adams brothers, 18th century designers

The brothers admired and adapted the classic styles of Greece and Rome.

Halloween memorabilia is 4th in popularity with collectors

The holiday formerly known as Allhallows Eve is behind Christmas, Fourth of July and Easter.

Inkwells, obsolete for 140 years, now prized by collectors

Examples from the 18th century are much sought-after.

‘Pope Joan’ game was popular pastime in 18th century homes

Game boards can be sought-after antiques — just keep them out of the sun.

‘Foot Art’ table may just be the strangest you’ve ever seen

It has a flat top, one drawer with a human nose for a handle, and a resin foot for the base.