Look! Up in Seattle! It’s a comics convention

  • By Andrea McInnis / Herald Writer
  • Thursday, March 29, 2007 9:00pm
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“Two days might not be enough.”

That’s how Jim Demonakos, 29, of Mukilteo, feels about the fifth annual Emerald City ComiCon, which takes place this weekend at the Qwest Field Event Center.

Demonakos, the show’s organizer, said the first ComiCon event, in 2003, took place on just one day, in Qwest Field’s smaller West Field Plaza. That day, 3,000 people attended, he said, and such success made it clear that future shows would require both a larger venue and an extra day.

“Having been involved in the comics scene for pretty much as long as I could remember, and having traveled to many other shows, I knew that the Northwest really had a huge fan base for comics, and that Seattle could support a major comic book show,” he said.

Some might think a comic book and memorabilia convention only offers untouchable displays of vintage items, and thus, is not full of entertainment. But Demonakos assures potential visitors this event will provide numerous hands-on activities for the whole family.

For instance, a costume contest, which anyone who makes his or her own costume may enter, will start at 4 p.m. Saturday. Prizes include comic books, video games, gift certificates and more.

The contest also boasts a celebrity judge, Matthew Atherton, who played “Feedback” in “Who Wants to be a Superhero?” Those interested in the contest should go to the ComiCon Web site, www.emeraldcitycomicon.com, to see other guidelines.

A variety of kids’ activities will also be available. For example, caricature artists will draw kids’ portraits in superhero form. Secondly, for young children as well as adult kids at heart, a group of “Star Wars” characters, including Peter Mayhew, who played Chewbacca in the films, will be on hand to celebrate the movie’s 30th anniversary, providing another photo opportunity. A fee of approximately $5 accompanies the “Star Wars” photos, Demonakos said, with the proceeds to be donated to charity.

He advises that visitors also bring their cameras from home, in order to snap photos all throughout the days, so they’ll have more reminders of their outings.

Demonakos said interests vary, as far as what convention-goers seek each year, except for the always-popular Batman and Spiderman items.

“Currently, the most talked-about comic book is Captain America, since he was recently killed in the story line,” Demonakos said.

Several comic book creators attending the event will form a discussion panel to answer fans’ questions. Visitors may even bring books from their personal collections for evaluation.

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