Trump signs waiver for ship idled for violating Jones Act

The fishing vessel has been stuck in Anacortes because it was built with too much foreign steel.

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Gun fires at party, wounding woman and child in her arms

A 21-year-old is under arrest after the shooting in Thurston County wounded a woman and a toddler.

Oregon lawmakers are considering a new carbon pricing policy

The legislation worries many of the state’s farmers and ranchers about higher fuel and energy prices.

Tim Eyman allegedly stole a $70 chair from an Office Depot

Surveillance video shows him rolling the chair out the door. He says he can explain.

Lawmaker: Offenders are too often ‘dumped’ in Lakewood, Tacoma

One proposal would send people released from Western State psychiatric hospital to their home towns.

Analysis shows Amazon paid no federal taxes last year

The company made a profit of $11.2 billion, and received a federal tax rebate of $129 million.

Washington Senate passes death penalty repeal bill

The bill passed on a 28-19 vote and it now heads to the House for consideration.

Southwestern Washington measles case count grows to 61

Of the 61 cases confirmed in Clark County, 54 were not immunized against measles.

Music teacher convicted of sex abuse gets 30 days in jail

Pled guilty to four misdemeanor counts of third-degree sexual abuse with an underage student.

Man dies in Anacortes house fire

Fire was so intense when firefighters arrived, they couldn’t enter the house.

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