Burke: Something ain’t right, deep in the heart of Texas

The Lone Star state sent out its lawsuit posses to end a constitutional right. But masks? No ma’am.

By Tom Burke / Herald columnist

“Remember the Alamo!” chest-thumping Texans defiantly shout.

I’ll remember the Alamo alright; as mostly bullpuckey, like everything else about the Lone (Death) Star state.

The Texas Alamo myth is just that, a myth. It was a piddling B.S. skirmish, fought not as part of a glorious campaign to free the (white) people of Mexico’s Texas territory, but as part of a desperate effort to preserve white Texans’ ownership of black slaves. It wasn’t fought to make men free, but to keep men and women and children as property and chattel, in chains, beaten and flogged, and bought and sold and worked in bondage to make white folks rich.

It was disgusting.

Just like Texas’s new law abrogating a woman’s constitutionally guaranteed reproductive rights.

I saw a meme the other day. It read, “Texas won’t force a 12-year old girl to wear a mask at school, but they’ll force her to have a baby.”

But rather than me, a guy, try to explain the horror of this obscene law, I’ll let Jennifer Rubin of The Washington Post describe it: “The Texas law is an extreme example of Republicans’ eagerness to strip women of their privacy, their dignity and their physical and mental health. Let’s not kid ourselves that this has anything to do with ‘life.’ This happens at a time these same Republicans fiercely defend the ‘freedom’ not to wear a mask or get vaccinated. This is about intimidating women from exercising their constitutional rights.”

So save me from all that pious pro-life Texas crap. If anything, Texans are pro-death. They do nothing to save lives from the ravages of covid, but will pass a subversive law that pays a $10,000 bounty to residents — not even necessarily of Texas — who “sue” people who want to receive a legal, constitutionally protected medical procedure; or talk about it, or advise a woman about her options, or simply drive a woman to a clinic.

“Don’t mess with Texas” is another much-ballyhooed Texas catchphrase (actually part of a Texas anti-littering campaign). And I won’t. Mess with Texas.

Texas businesses, that is.

I’m swearing off purchasing anything from Texas-based companies; and I’m writing Pizza Hut, AT&T, Dell, JC Penny, Shell, Kimberly Clark, 7-Eleven, Texas Instruments, Phillips 66, Blue Bell ice cream, Dickies, Dr. Pepper, Frito Lay (bet I won’t eat one, anymore), Jiffy Lube, Zales, Exxon Mobil, Chili’s, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines telling them I ain’t buying anything they’re selling until the law is their state is changed.

I hope a lot of other people feel the same way.

Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot was defending the indefensible a while back bragging how a woman had six whole weeks to make her choice; and he unintentionally demonstrated he knows zip about female anatomy and the biological reproductive process. The physiological fact is, six weeks is before many women even know they’re pregnant, and the new law will leave many women with only about one or two weeks, if that, to make a decision.

He also bragged about how Texas is working so hard to, “make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets.”

What a total, complete, pandering, lying moron; because unless he has magical, mystical, crime-fighting dictatorial powers, how does he know who the rapists are before they rape; and how does he get them off the streets before they commit the crime? (For the victims, of course, under the new law, after the rape, it’s way too late as the Texas Taliban forces them to actually carry and bear the child of the man who violated them.)

Oh, and how does he explain Texas’s 6,108 untested rape kits (per his Department of Public Safety), which means that as many as 6,108 actual rapists are still walking Texas streets? (Full disclosure: he doesn’t even try.)

Like covid, this “virus” is spreading nationwide, now to Florida via a state Republican’s introduction of a bill to shred women’s reproductive rights in the Sunshine State like they’ve done in Texas.

Of course if you’re a MAGA, rock-ribbed Republican (rock-headed Republican?), or wanna-be member of the Texas Taliban all this makes sense and is just fine.

Just like belief in the Big Lie is fine for them (78 percent of Republicans now say Biden didn’t win the election); the lie the Jan. 6 MAGA insurrectionists are “political prisoners” isn’t a lie; and, in order to “own the libs,” knuckleheaded Republicanss refuse to mask up or get the shot even though 2,000 (almost all non-vaccinated) souls a day are dying from covid and we’ve now surpassed the 675,000-person U.S. death toll of the 1918 influenza pandemic by 10,000 souls.

Clearly, all this Texas cow-patty stuff ain’t fine with me.

But then, regular readers here probably knew that already.

Stay safe. Mask up. Get the shot.

Tom Burke’s email address is t.burke.column@gmail.com.

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