Culp is inexperienced and unprepared to be governor

I see that Loren Culp, candidate for governor, believes he is qualified to run a state with over 60,000 employees and a budget in the tens of billions. Interesting that he believes this; he is a high school drop-out and the police chief of a town where the police force has just one human, the chief. It should be said that there is also a dog. I guess that makes all of us chiefs. He has a serious lawsuit pending for errors he made in investigating sexual abuse where he did not believe a young girl who said she had been abused for years. When the case went to a different jurisdiction the investigation found she had been abused and the abuser was arrested and convicted.

Culp selectively enforces laws and thinks he knows constitutional law. I know about as much about brain surgery as he does the constitution. No restrictions on guns? Of course, we should all have automatic weapons, and a teenager should be able to buy them off the shelf. What could possibly go wrong? We have seen clearly what happens when an inexperienced person with no interest in logic or truth is elected to a senior government position. I hope my fellow Washingtonians will not fall for this guy, despite his big campaign sign budget.

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Kenneth MacDicken


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