Mask and vaccine protesters brought surge down on us

Please, be quiet. All the folks out there protesting wearing masks and shunning vaccinations; please, just stop. It’s because of you that we are back in this current situation.

Living in a group, whether it’s a family, a county, a state, etc., requires good citizenship by all members. All members may not agree with, or even like, some decisions that benefit the group, but its necessary to think of what is best for the whole, not the individual components. Our group (Snohomish County) has had to endure major hardships and minor inconveniences in an effort to move everyone to a common end goal.

The folks who are against vaccines and masks are the ones making achieving the end goal difficult. You were asked to wear a mask; you wouldn’t. You were asked to get a vaccination; you refused. You were asked to do these things to protect others. But you were, and are, unwilling to seek the good of the group. Your selfish decisions have made life harder than it needed to be for everyone.

So, our current sad state of affairs is directly related to your decisions. Please stop whining about what you made happen.

Kit Russell


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