Schwab: Ignorance or greed must be blinding some on climate

With the evidence all but choking them, climate change deniers must be deaf, blind and dumb.

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Editorial: Use 6-month review to strengthen housing efforts

An Everett review that has put a Housing Hope project on hold needs the public’s participation.

Viewpoints: Time flies when you’re raising kids; or does it?

It’s only in our memory that we perceive time spent with children as fleeting. So, enjoy the present.

Commentary: Washington a world leader in aviation, aerospace

That’s the message a delegation is taking to the Paris Air Show; and it’s an easy case to make.

Commentary: Congress, take surprise out of high medical bills

There’s a simple fix for unexpected bills for out-of-network medical services: shared responsibility.

Parker: Sometimes the bond between father and child is a joke

No, an actual joke. Seeing the humor in life, even in grief, provided a connection beyond words.

Rampell: A Republican (partially) admits truth on tax cuts

Most analysts predicted Trump’s tax cuts would increase deficits. The GOP wouldn’t concede that; until now.

Robinson: Pelosi must pick her poison on impeachment

Either path presents pitfalls, so the speaker’s actions must be guided by what’s right; that’s impeacment.

Petri: I’ll get back to you on whether Sarah Sanders exists

First, you should be ashamed for having asked. Second, that goes for all questions from all reporters.

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