James McCusker

Energy storage problem dates back to the ol’ mill pond

Major changes to the electric power industry will impact our lives.


Feds should bring back the savings bond program

A savings plan for those at the bottom of the economic order would be a benefit to everybody.


Health care costs can’t just increase forever

An economy cannot survive and thrive when one sector — health care — devours so many resources.


Price is not the only factor in success of a business

Good management knows that great service helps attract and retain customers

This book shows us the value of a questioning mind

“Ten Great Ideas About Chance” contains not only ideas but questions that prompted their discovery.

Rising household debt casts shade on sunny economy

Real estate and the stock market are vulnerable to bubbles, while debt requires monthly payments.

The latest test for college students: Are you employable?

What is needed is not more outsider tests but more classroom tests and higher academic quality.

High court ruling could mean a new era for labor unions

The issue: Can unions charge fees to non-members covered by collective bargaining agreements?

Aluminum and steel situation shows complexity of ‘free trade’

The economic theory of free trade is no help because it is fragile.

It’s unlikely that the US economy is secretly faltering

One theory is that the US economy is in a lot worse shape than the standard reports reveal.

Why there’s so much work in teamwork

Here are three options for dealing with an underperforming team member; only one will cause you problems.

Critiques of capitalism help us understand today’s politics

Despite any residual moral reservations, the free market system expanded rapidly throughout the 19th century.

Letting the US dollar ‘float’ is the nation’s best policy

A deliberately weak dollar doesn’t make us any friends.

The economic implications of Starbucks’ no-cash experiment

Cash is expensive to handle, messy and counting it is error-prone.

Don’t take economic forecasts to the bank — or the casino

Air travel delays could spur a rebirth of passenger rail service.

President Trump’s tax overhaul plan is a matter of timing

If the timing is perfect, we will see a boost in consumer spending and corporate investment.

Research shows the value of deliberation in polarized times

Name-calling seems to be something that comes with language, whether we like it or not. A common response by children years ago, before cyber-bullying, was… Continue reading

UPS delivery woes are a symptom of growth in America

The level of optimism, consumer confidence and positive attitude are all good signs.

What can be learned from the optimism of Churchill, Elon Musk

A new movie, “The Dark Years,” depicts Winston Churchill during the perilous times he faced in 1940 when he first became prime minister. The country… Continue reading

Report finds a disturbing trend: stealing employees’ wages

Free markets depend on surprisingly high levels of honesty and trust.