James McCusker

Free markets’ success requires good information, not rumors

Any economic plan to deal with a national defense emergency must do battle with the output of bad information.


Reports raise interesting questions about structure of military

Ben Franklin wasn’t the only one to see the risks.


This impeachment will be a black mark on U.S. history

Even if you believe impeachment is correct, we’ll pay a price for the current hyperpartisan environment.


An important economic consideration

What would be the effect if illegal activity were included in the GDP?

Is a showdown looming with China like the one with Japan?

We won the Cold War with the Soviets. But what about the trade war with China?

We need to ‘get over yourself’ once again

A little historical background on economic policy helps us obtain a useful perspective.

Negative equity on car loans is an economic threat

Loan time spans as long as 80 months put car owners underwater at trade-in time.

We have to address ‘soft corruption,’ and it won’t be easy

An 18th century economist first described the behavior exhibited in the 737 Max controversy.

Non-compete employment agreements need to be reined in

New legislation will restrict their overuse in Washington.

Decline in religious faith has an impact on the economy

It’s difficult to believe that the decline will make people less lonely and depressed.

Investors should carefully examine a company’s goodwill account

They can reveal the costs of a corporation’s growth strategy, and also affect earnings and profitability.

Politicians’ need to be like puts us in a financial pickle

The initial economic consequence of this is a clash of goals.

The costs of automation and AI are becoming known

The John Henry of the 21st century will be the legions of workers losing their jobs to robots.

Fed’s repo market activity helps bring interest rates down

But it remains to be seen whether the Fed’s openness will calm panics about the markets.

Maritime industry needs protection for national security

If we don’t act, someday soon we might find ourselves ordering our next aircraft carrier from Beijing.

Enforcement of groupthink threatens higher education

There is a fundamental contradiction in treating students as consumers.

How the GI Bill changed colleges and universities

The influx of new students in the 1940s and ’50s helped create today’s higher education-industrial complex.

Should we be alarmed about changing American values?

A recent survey paints a picture of America as a country undergoing significant and rapid change.

Roundtable wagers that good relations mean good profits

Whether its action is a game changer or not remains to be seen.

Capitalism isn’t ideal. Socialism just makes it seem that way.

Despite what some presidential candidates say, socialism is the road to ruination.