James McCusker

H-1B visa program needs a thorough overhaul

Its effects on our economy and the costs to taxpayers should be closely studied.


Fracking looks ripe for consolidation, not collapse

Prudent energy lending should prevent a widespread financial collapse.


‘Moneyball’ doesn’t exactly translate to corporate hiring

Statistical analyses of psychological test results and baseball performance are not the same.


Even with AI, economic forecasting is risky

We’ve come a long way. Not long ago, an economist entering into a consulting contract with the federal government might have to explain to the… Continue reading

James McCusker

Accept no substitutes for the truth

We cannot allow the pundits and politicians to define it for us.

James McCusker

Another interest rate hike by the Fed seems likely

Is it the right move to cool inflation? The economy will tell us.

ATT wrong to hassle pensioners over accounting error

Corporations have been treated as people legally since 1886, so we would think that AT&T would have gotten the hang of it by now. Recently… Continue reading

Care about your employees and they will be productive

Workplace experiments produce puzzling results, but may offer one vital realization.

Lowered expectations can mean a more corrupt society

When we accept broken promises and self-dealing, we should expect the consequences.

Small business could benefit from a skunk works

Solving problems and developing new products can be done much faster outside the usual bureaucracy.

Indentured servitude re-emerges in higher education

“Unconquered,” a 1947 Cecil B. DeMille Technicolor epic, may very well be the only major Hollywood movie having indentured servitude as a central element of… Continue reading

How to build a world-class medical care system

Of course, it’s not going to happen in our politicized world.

Don’t fear the yield curve

There are always a lot of things to worry about in our economy. The yield curve isn’t one of them.

Homelessness is an economics problem

Instead of new buildings and taxes, local government should partner with charities on the issue.

First order of business for education: improve K-12 system

“Promise programs” for community college are a good step, but there are more urgent needs.

On presidential legacies and the economy

How they deal with the economy they inherit can give us a sense of their strengths and shortcomings.

Seattle mayor’s free community college idea has some merit

We don’t know how it would be paid for, but students failed by the K-12 system need a second chance.

What’s behind the NFL player protests? Control

The players want more control over their workplace and careers.

Taxes and debt stand in way of prosperity

Wise economic management can help those left behind economically.

High court did us no favors with sports gambling ruling

The odds-driven view of life is corroding our society and country.