James McCusker

First order of business for education: improve K-12 system

“Promise programs” for community college are a good step, but there are more urgent needs.


On presidential legacies and the economy

How they deal with the economy they inherit can give us a sense of their strengths and shortcomings.


Seattle mayor’s free community college idea has some merit

We don’t know how it would be paid for, but students failed by the K-12 system need a second chance.


What’s behind the NFL player protests? Control

The players want more control over their workplace and careers.

Taxes and debt stand in way of prosperity

Wise economic management can help those left behind economically.

High court did us no favors with sports gambling ruling

The odds-driven view of life is corroding our society and country.

Occam’s Razor may apply to employment-inflation puzzle

The question at hand: why haven’t wages gone up as the job market tightened?

Universal Basic Income idea is back, as flawed as ever

It’s touted as a way to deal with job displacement caused by robots, but we need better ideas.

Return policy speaks volumes about company’s values, strategy

Managers can make good policy through understanding and respecting their customers.

A new trade war won’t help us, or the Chinese

The most productive way to view the tariffs on China is that they are a negotiating tactic.

Giant power storage ‘batteries’ show promise

The systems could reduce the impact of power outages, whether they’re caused by storms or hackers.

Energy storage problem dates back to the ol’ mill pond

Major changes to the electric power industry will impact our lives.

Feds should bring back the savings bond program

A savings plan for those at the bottom of the economic order would be a benefit to everybody.

Price is not the only factor in success of a business

Good management knows that great service helps attract and retain customers

Health care costs can’t just increase forever

An economy cannot survive and thrive when one sector — health care — devours so many resources.

This book shows us the value of a questioning mind

“Ten Great Ideas About Chance” contains not only ideas but questions that prompted their discovery.

Rising household debt casts shade on sunny economy

Real estate and the stock market are vulnerable to bubbles, while debt requires monthly payments.

The latest test for college students: Are you employable?

What is needed is not more outsider tests but more classroom tests and higher academic quality.

High court ruling could mean a new era for labor unions

The issue: Can unions charge fees to non-members covered by collective bargaining agreements?

Aluminum and steel situation shows complexity of ‘free trade’

The economic theory of free trade is no help because it is fragile.