James McCusker

Finns help us understand motivations of the unemployed

The Nordic country’s experiment does not show justification for a Guaranteed Annual Income.


Essays miss mark on economics, but offer food for thought

They’re both wrong about economics’ role in our current dysfunction.


Liberals should think twice about tax and spending schemes

They either want to spend money we don’t have or soak the rich with no plan for using the revenue.


Listening in the lunchroom can be a learning experience

Breaking bread with employees can foster trust and communication.

On the threshold of a new understanding of economics

We need to know if we should expect an explosive, inflationary growth of wages and prices.

Report offers valuable insights on wall controversy

The CIS report provides a very valuable respite from the windbags and tragedy-mongers.

Put a “dream team” to work on the health care dilemma

Put our best and brightest in a “leave your egos at the door” environment to come up with a solution.

Minimum wage increase will have unintended consequences

Will restaurateurs will spend millions on gadgets to avoid paying workers 15 bucks an hour?

The lunchroom is a great place to learn about your company

Casual conversations and good listening can give managers valuable perspectives.

The Fed’s transparency policy needs careful review

Oversharing can reveal doubts and uncertainties to no positive purpose.

Letter of credit system needs a digital update

But Bitcoin appears destined for the dustbin, and Blockchain is encumbered by limitations.

Student loan crisis puts higher education in a pickle

Either we can change the flawed system, or watch it change on its own.

Cost-cutting can mask a company’s declining revenues

General Electric’s tumble should remind companies of the importance of cash flow.

Will ‘free stuff’ tempt Americans to try socialism?

They base their decision on genuine economic research, they will not.

Should Uncle Sam subsidize the nuclear family?

The damage done to families by 1960s welfare policies must be repaired.

Humans, not metrics, need to run the Fed

When a situation requires innovation and resourcefulness, we want a human being at the helm.

Clarity needed on citizenship, birthright and border security

The so-called “caravan” is an effort to test our border security system. Europe failed a similar test.

Better bank liquidity measure should help predict a crash

Our banks seem better prepared than last time to withstand the assaults of market volatility.

Leadership isn’t about power, it is about responsibility

Teams might be productive without managers, but they can’t do it without leaders.

Proposed carbon tax likely will wind up costing consumers

If it passes, we’ll probably see higher prices for gasoline, heating oil and electricity.