James McCusker

Student loan crisis puts higher education in a pickle

Either we can change the flawed system, or watch it change on its own.


Cost-cutting can mask a company’s declining revenues

General Electric’s tumble should remind companies of the importance of cash flow.


Will ‘free stuff’ tempt Americans to try socialism?

They base their decision on genuine economic research, they will not.


Should Uncle Sam subsidize the nuclear family?

The damage done to families by 1960s welfare policies must be repaired.

Humans, not metrics, need to run the Fed

When a situation requires innovation and resourcefulness, we want a human being at the helm.

Clarity needed on citizenship, birthright and border security

The so-called “caravan” is an effort to test our border security system. Europe failed a similar test.

Better bank liquidity measure should help predict a crash

Our banks seem better prepared than last time to withstand the assaults of market volatility.

Leadership isn’t about power, it is about responsibility

Teams might be productive without managers, but they can’t do it without leaders.

Proposed carbon tax likely will wind up costing consumers

If it passes, we’ll probably see higher prices for gasoline, heating oil and electricity.

We should capitalize on Nobel-winning research

The work points the way toward a path out of our global warming impasse.

NAFTA deal shows the value of knowing what you want

The person who knows what he or she wants has a marked advantage over the person who doesn’t.

Build success with teamwork, motivation and balance

Don’t rely on jargon and consultants — offer employees the genuine stuff.

Where are the great economists of tomorrow?

Higher education’s drift toward training rather than education has aggravated the problem.

Political polarization isn’t good for the economy

It’s a danger to our democracy and economy, no matter what your political affiliation might be.

H-1B visa program needs a thorough overhaul

Its effects on our economy and the costs to taxpayers should be closely studied.

Fracking looks ripe for consolidation, not collapse

Prudent energy lending should prevent a widespread financial collapse.

‘Moneyball’ doesn’t exactly translate to corporate hiring

Statistical analyses of psychological test results and baseball performance are not the same.

Even with AI, economic forecasting is risky

We’ve come a long way. Not long ago, an economist entering into a consulting contract with the federal government might have to explain to the… Continue reading

James McCusker

Accept no substitutes for the truth

We cannot allow the pundits and politicians to define it for us.

James McCusker

Another interest rate hike by the Fed seems likely

Is it the right move to cool inflation? The economy will tell us.