James McCusker

How the GI Bill changed colleges and universities

The influx of new students in the 1940s and ’50s helped create today’s higher education-industrial complex.

Should we be alarmed about changing American values?

A recent survey paints a picture of America as a country undergoing significant and rapid change.

Roundtable wagers that good relations mean good profits

Whether its action is a game changer or not remains to be seen.

Capitalism isn’t ideal. Socialism just makes it seem that way.

Despite what some presidential candidates say, socialism is the road to ruination.

Mass shootings: Teamwork on the job may be part of the solution

Without feeling needed, our lives lose purpose – a petri dish for antisocial behavior.

Poll finds young people don’t trust others. That’s a problem

A good first step toward fixing it would be to demand truth from politicians, businesses and the media.

Economists’ working paper examines AI’s implications

The report is a good first step toward understanding automation’s impact on the economy.

Governments take first, tentative steps at regulating AI

Can we control artificial intelligence’s potential for disrupting markets? Time will tell.

If 737 failures were systemic, Boeing’s in serious trouble

Bad habits like focusing on short-term profits over long-term growth are very difficult to change.

Sound economics are a great way to honor George Washington

Our first president set standards for integrity, dedication and skill that endure today.

Specificity could clear the fog away from educational testing

We need to define what we want and expect from high school graduates.

Ignoring the federal deficit puts the global economy at risk

Leftist politicians have embraced “Modern Monetary Theory,” an alluring but dangerous new concept.

We need an ‘Untouchable’ in this era of political polarization

But can we find somebody we can all trust, an Eliot Ness of bipartisanship?

The smart homes that might be our future have a downside

If these robotic systems are controlled by despotic governments, we’ll be in trouble.

We can’t fix student loans without addressing college costs

Billionaire Robert F. Smith’s gift was marvelous, but generosity and new taxes aren’t the solution.

Managers owe themselves post-mortems

Businesses that adopt this avoidance policy deprive themselves of valuable information.

Great Books programs do what education is supposed to do

The writings and wisdom of great minds of the past change people and lives today.

Socialism is scary — always has been, always will be

A new essay, “Socialism Is Not a Scary Word,” is long on sarcasm and low on reasoned argument.

Watch out for the ‘negative bias’ in customer feedback

Watch out for the ‘negative bias’ in customer feedback

It’s so easy to complain these days that negative feedback is often over-represented in the data.

Watch out for the ‘negative bias’ in customer feedback

Disturbing parallels to the 1820s seen in today’s polarization

Even so, it seems unlikely that our nation is headed to another civil war.