James McCusker

Is the Fed’s explicit inflation goal worth keeping?

The once-obscure inflation target is at the heart of of today’s headlines and Trump tweets.

Stock buybacks, good or bad? They’re both

There is a scent of market manipulation about the practice that is worrisome.

China and Russia’s inroads in Europe, elsewhere may not pay off

They will find out that economic results are harder to come by than they might have imagined.

What might happen now that Amazon is Amaz-Off in New York

What might happen now that Amazon is Amaz-Off in New York

The impact of HQ2’s bust on Amazon’s management structure is keeping analysts busy.

What might happen now that Amazon is Amaz-Off in New York

Expect more small colleges — and big ones — to shut down

Unless we solve the problem of costs, painful changes are coming to higher education.

No justification exists for breaking up Amazon and Big Tech

Whatever Elizabeth Warren’s goals are, she won’t achieve them with antitrust laws.

Economic ‘perfect storm’ could lead to U.S. recession

‘The Perfect Storm” is more than a movie (and book) title; it was a real meteorological event. In October 1991, Hurricane Grace, moving north along… Continue reading

Report sheds light on disconnect between short, long-term rates

Something happened in the year 2000 that changed things in U.S. and global financial markets.

An unmotivated workforce can stifle economic growth

Even the Harvard MBA elites hate their jobs and are asking, “is that all there is?”

Numbers don’t support gloomy economic forecasts — yet

The current strength of our economy is largely the result of a psychological recovery.

Finns help us understand motivations of the unemployed

Finns help us understand motivations of the unemployed

The Nordic country’s experiment does not show justification for a Guaranteed Annual Income.

Finns help us understand motivations of the unemployed

Essays miss mark on economics, but offer food for thought

They’re both wrong about economics’ role in our current dysfunction.

Liberals should think twice about tax and spending schemes

They either want to spend money we don’t have or soak the rich with no plan for using the revenue.

Listening in the lunchroom can be a learning experience

Breaking bread with employees can foster trust and communication.

On the threshold of a new understanding of economics

We need to know if we should expect an explosive, inflationary growth of wages and prices.

Report offers valuable insights on wall controversy

The CIS report provides a very valuable respite from the windbags and tragedy-mongers.

Put a “dream team” to work on the health care dilemma

Put our best and brightest in a “leave your egos at the door” environment to come up with a solution.

Minimum wage increase will have unintended consequences

Will restaurateurs will spend millions on gadgets to avoid paying workers 15 bucks an hour?

The lunchroom is a great place to learn about your company

Casual conversations and good listening can give managers valuable perspectives.

The Fed’s transparency policy needs careful review

Oversharing can reveal doubts and uncertainties to no positive purpose.