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Want to save more money? Try these three financial fasts

You can try the food fast, a clothing fast, or the 21-day financial fast.

Make sure you don’t miss the memo for financial freedom

Economic empowerment for low- to moderate-income individuals and families.

The Social Security benefits debate: Take it early or wait?

You need to consider cash needs, health, family longevity, taxes and your working status.

Don’t spend more than you can afford for your child’s college

Saying no to a child’s dream school can seem like a betrayal.

Start out your new year with these money mantras

I’m overly obsessed and stressed about having enough money for retirement.

Don’t be fooled by the word ‘sale’

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for bargain hunters. Die-hard discount shoppers started hunting for after-Christmas deals before Santa had a chance… Continue reading

Start off the new year looking at your taxes

You won’t see the GOP’s tax overhaul’s impact on your tax return until 2019.

How you think about money can impact your spending

When you’re feeling envious, think about the folks less privileged than you.

Don’t gamble on becoming a bitcoin millionaire

The North American Securities Administrators Association warned investors about it 3 years ago.

Avoid the awkward office party. Employees prefer money.

In the era of sexual harassment, a lot of office parties will be different. At least we should hope they are. No sexual innuendo. No… Continue reading

Try to enjoy the gift of a debt-free Christmas

There’s too much emphasis on the presents rather than your presence.

Financial vulnerability keeps many women quiet

My paycheck helped take care of a disabled brother. It paid for things my grandmother needed.

We must all fight to defend a key watchdog for financial fairness

The agency designed to protect consumers — yes, sometimes even from themselves — is a hot mess.

When you know better, you’ll be inspired to do better

What’s more inspiring than the testimony of someone who faced adversity and triumphed? Every week, during my live online chat, I invite people to talk… Continue reading

Don’t be embarrassed if you can’t afford a holiday visit

You might say, “I really wanted to come. It’s just not in my budget.”

Will consumer watchdog become lapdog for financial industry?

We can count on President Trump to fill the vacancy with someone friendly to the financial industry.

Don’t get paralyzed by open enrollment — just do it

Like doing your taxes or getting a colonoscopy, it’s no fun. But you’ve just got to push through.

Your spending should be painful and not painless

With today’s online tools, it’s harder than ever for folks to make good financial decisions.

GOP tax plan would take away financial lifejacket for seniors

They could lose deduction that covers payments for nursing homes, assisted living or hospital care.

New financial rule for consumers: Ask and you might receive

Readers share stories about how speaking up saved them money.