Noah Haglund

Renovations will require closing Wenberg Park boat launch

The park covers 46 acres off 15430 E. Lake Goodwin Road, between Marysville and Stanwood.

Sound Transit chief executive gets ‘an important wake-up call’

An investigation found he has used offensive language and made the agency’s staff feel threatened.

An architectural model of the planned development of 3,080 waterfront condos at Point Wells near Woodway. (Blue Square Real Estate)

Point Wells condos developer calls design hearing a ‘sham’

The company says there are far more important issues remaining for the project than what it looks like.

An architectural model of the planned development of 3,080 waterfront condos at Point Wells near Woodway. (Blue Square Real Estate)

Assessment backs plan to upgrade natural gas pipeline

It involves nearly 6 miles of pipe through south Snohomish County. Public comments are open.

Discussion to cover the rise of the alt-right

“We want people to understand the nature and origin of this movement and … why it is so toxic.”

Zeroing in on nuisance properties

A proposed county law lists specific offenses and other problems that could warrant fines.

Partnership works to keep Kayak Point golf course healthy

The course used to host up to 50,000 rounds of golf per year in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation puts faith to work

Its “religiously liberal” members are open to differing creeds and doctrines.

Point Wells luxury condo project is running out of time

Snohomish County has issues with building heights, road access and landslide concerns.

Power outages hit north Snohomish County as snow covers area

There was no timeline for when PUD crews expected to restore power for 5,800 customers.

Trump wants Bonneville Power Administration sell-off

Snohomish PUD and others are opposing privatization of federal hydropower systems.

County Council members air their Sound Transit grievances

Their frustration boiled over during a routine vote on a reappointment to the transit agency board.

Customers get sticker shock on fluorescent bulbs

An environmental handling charge increased to 95 cents per bulb on Feb. 1.

County quickly adapts to changes in state well-water rules

Planners say they’re ready to help property owners with domestic drilling permits.

Corrected: Overall, homelessness is on the rise, county says

Counters found 378 unsheltered people in January. Since 2013, that’s a 9.9 percent increase.

County seeks public input on stormwater drainage approach

They’ve scheduled a series of open houses this week to gather opinions.

16 apply for vacant Mill Creek City Council post

The vacancy opened after the departure of former Councilman Sean Kelly, who moved away from the city.

County Council overrides executive’s veto on hiring freeze

The disagreement stems from the yearly budget that was passed in the fall.

Studies anticipated 12 flights a day, but 24 are planned

The FAA will decide whether that change warrants another look at the impact of passenger service.

175 data layers: Planners roll out better online map system

Snohomish County’s online app can tell you everything you need to know about the local landscape.