Harley shutting down Missouri plant amid sales decline

As baby boomers stop riding, there aren’t enough millennials taking up the slack.

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Make money from pot? Then forget about an SBA-backed loan

The agency won’t OK loans to firms that derive revenue from sales to marijuana clients.

‘We’re on schedule,’ says developer of Paine Field air terminal

Alaska, United and Southwest are expected to begin service from Everett in September.

New Starbucks policy: No purchase needed to sit in cafes

The company says anyone can use its cafes, patios or restrooms without buying anything.

No, the end of credit card signatures is not good for consumers

Signing for credit is an opportunity to realize that you’re going into debt, even if temporarily.

High court did us no favors with sports gambling ruling

The odds-driven view of life is corroding our society and country.

Alaska fishermen: Sea otter comeback is eating into profits

The up-to-100-pound animals, eat the equivalent of a quarter of their weight each day.

Kroger’s e-commerce deal seen as warning shot in food battle

The main concern about the company was its ability to adapt to the e-commerce shift.

Amputees sue railroad in Iowa, saying it creates danger

At least five people have lost hands, arms or legs while trying to climb through a stopped train.

More townhomes could rise near center of Mountlake Terrace

New rules will allow 3-story buildings closer to businesses and the future light rail stop.

Rising rates: Savers sigh in relief, borrowers beware

All the increases are a result of higher yields for Treasury notes and bonds.

Deere to raise prices on higher costs for freight, materials

“A lot of companies have been having trouble passing through raw-material costs.”

Beijing shows signs of compromise in trade talks with US

“I think China is willing to make concessions,” said Wang Tao, chief China economist at UBS.