Trump pushes biomass, scientists call it worse than coal

Environmentalists say burning trees releases carbon dioxide previously trapped inside the plant.

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Emergency wedding plans ensue after Monte Cristo closure

The business was an all-inclusive wedding venue in downtown Everett. It abruptly closed on Monday.

GM and union reach tentative deal that could end strike

The deal, however, won’t bring an immediate end to the strike by 49,000 hourly workers.

Everett couple talks socks on ‘Shark Tank,’ lands investment

Their homegrown startup invented Squid Socks, which won’t slip off kids’ feet.

Trump boasts that U.S. would win tariff war with Europe

The Trump administration plans to impose punitive tariffs starting Friday.

Worried about flying on a 737 Max? Your options may be few

But airlines are likely to be more flexible in letting passengers change their schedules.

IMF downgrades outlook for world economy

Predicts that growth this year will be the weakest since the 2008 financial crisis.

Study: Opioid crisis cost U.S. economy $631B over 4 years

Governments bear less than one-third of the costs; the rest affects individuals, private sector.

Boeing CEO, removed as chairman, near last chance on 737 Max

Dennis Muilenburg is preparing for a crucial appearance before Congress on Oct. 30.

The lice lady decimates the louse that infiltrates the locks

Lice Spies is a hair salon that targets those tiny 6-legged parasites that make us itch like crazy.

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